Zipline Stories May 27

Zipline‘s medical delivery drones have made their first US delivery late last week in North Carolina—six months ahead of schedule. The first drone delivery was pushed forward in response to COVID-19, delivering protective masks.

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Zipline Stories May 4

Zipline‘s medical delivery drones have been saving lives in Africa for years, but not many people get to see them in action. Today we share a video from Simon Wilson looking at the inner workings of the delivery system at a Zipline center in Ghana.

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Zipline Stories April 20

Zipline has long been the model for drone delivery services. And it’s been setting the example in Africa, first in Rwanda, and then in Ghana. Zipline set another milestone on April 17, with the first drone delivery of COVID-19 medical test samples. expand full story

Zipline Stories December 23, 2019

Zipline has been saving lives for the last few years with its long distance drones delivering life-saving medical equipment and materials to hard to reach villages throughout Rwanda and Ghana. Today we are taking a look at an everyday flight one of Zipline’s drones makes to save another life.

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Zipline Stories August 21, 2019

Drones increasingly used to save people’s lives in Africa

Fox News has a nice article today, explaining how drones are increasingly used to save people’s lives in Africa. In many ways, Africa has been at the forefront of developing new drone applications, mostly because the rules and regulations that apply to unmanned aircraft are less strict than the are in for instance the US, Canada or Europe. Zipline has been one of the companies that has shown how drones can have a massive positive impact on people’s lives in Africa by currently having flown over 16,000 medical deliveries by drone since the company began in Rwanda in 2016.

Zipline Stories April 24, 2019

Today, Zipline the San Francisco based drone manufacturer and the logistical services company, launched a program in Ghana to deliver medical supplies by drone. In partnership with the government of the West African country, Zipline will fly 30 drones from four distribution centers to deliver medical supplies, such as vaccines, blood, and medication to 2,000 healthcare facilities across the country on a daily basis. Zipline also confirmed that it is looking to expand their services to other countries and to take their delivery service by drone from testing-phase to live-deliveries in the U.S., sometime this summer.

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