‘Eyes Over the World’ is the latest drone photography book


Over the past five years, aerial photography has helped shape the content we see, whether it’s commercials, movies, or even social media. However, there haven’t been many published books that show drone photography today. Dirk Dallas from Fromwhereidrone has curated the latest drone photography book Eyes Over the World.

This book contains drone photography from more than 125 pilots from all seven continents. With a forward from photographers Chris Burkhard and Benjamin Grant, founder of Dailyoverview, you can feel certain that these are some of the top aerial photos around.

Though we can view images online, Eyes Over the World is almost a portable aerial museum that can be taken anywhere. With drone photography on the rise, this book brings together a community of people. People who share the same passion to create. People who dare to go out and explore the world in hopes of capturing beauty. This book is for those who truly admire aerial art.

Though these images have been on the web for some time, it is nice to see a book showcase aerial photography. Eyes Over the World will reveal many talented pilots and creatives who have helped sculpt the aerial images we see today. It is one thing to view these images on a phone screen and another to experience them in print.

I know many of the pilots published in this book and have followed some of them for over five years. Their work has been a huge inspiration to me, helping shape the way I shoot. This type of art is still new and on the rise. The pilots and creators in this book only want to keep going.

Drone technology has advanced significantly and will become a big part of our future. There are plenty of companies offering new drones and camera solutions. On top of that, there are even more pilots who are looking to use drones as a tool for creativity.

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