FlytNow announces software support for DJI Mavic Mini

FlytNow supports Mavic Mini

Well, it seems this Mini is joining the Big Leagues. Software provider FlytNow, which provides fleet management software for First Responders, public safety, and security and surveillance applications, is now supporting DJI’s tiny Mavic Mini.

The Mavic Mini is really some kind of small marvel. Weighing in at 249 grams, it skirts the requirements that kick in at 250 grams. Though it seems impossibly light and fits in one hand when folded up, the Mini shares many features with its DJI siblings. It features 2.7k video, 30 minutes of flight time, GPS + GLONASS, along with a 12 megapixel camera sensor. Plus, this little thing is a joy to fly. When you combine all of those features, along with the limited budgets of some First Responders, it becomes a viable drone for certain professional applications. Let’s be clear, the Mavic Mini is not an Enterprise product. But for the price, it’s a really outstanding little drone.

And clearly, FlytNow was hearing from clients that they wanted software support for the Mavic Mini. Today, FlytNow announced it was providing that support in an updated version of its popular software. The news came in a release:

MAVIC MINI is a really agile and affordable drone that comes really handy in emergency response operations. First responders on the ground can quickly launch this drone out of their vehicles and the remote team can get live situational awareness using the FlytNow application over 4G/LTE/5G.

Achal Negi, head of business development, FlytBase
The mighty Mini: Now used by some first responders


By combining a Mavic Mini with FlytNow software, a user has greater control of the aircraft. Users of the software can now have their Mavic Mini:

  1. Live stream video from the Mini to remote teams over 4G/LTE/5G by sharing a link. This means a decision maker of analyst across the country could see the stream in real-time
  2. Control a Mini using the FlytNow web-based dashboard. A remote pilot would be able to take control of the Mini from a laptop
  3. Set a geofence and pre-flight checklist
  4. Control the gimbal remotely via the FlytNow dashboard
  5. Using the cockpit view in FlytNow, an operator can ensure that the photos being captured are precisely what they need
FlytNow is excited about this development…

About FlytNow

This is straight from the news release. But it contains interesting facts about the company:

FlytBase is an enterprise drone automation company that provides a software platform to automate and scale drone operations. The software enables easy deployment of intelligent drone fleets, seamlessly integrated with cloud-based business applications. With IoT architecture, drone-agnostic APIs, enterprise-grade security & reliability, the platform caters to a variety of commercial drone use-cases. FlytBase is used by thousands of users worldwide in 75+ countries.

Via News Release
Yes, you can try it for free…See below


You can try out FlytNow for free for 28 days. The news release includes this link if you’re interested..

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