Drone flight offers amazing pelican perspective

Pelican Flight

Most of us know what pelicans look like. But, we’re willing to bet, you’ve never seen pelicans from quite this perspective!

Occasionally, some real gems pop up on Facebook – and this video is one of them. The person who posted it is named Eyal Berger, and he lives on a small cooperative farming community in Israel called Gan Yoshiya. It’s not clear where in Israel he captured this video, but we can tell you this: We’ve never seen a shot quite like it. While the drone is in flight, a flock of pelicans sweeps past in a majestic curve. They don’t appear freaked out by the drone (which we were happy to see). We also think you’ll be happy to see the video.

Let’s get to it:


With that title, Eyal posted his video:

Wow – that is some 15 seconds!

The post

Eyal posted the clip in the Official DJI Owners Group on Facebook. It’s a big group, with nearly 110,000 members. And it wasn’t long before those members were commenting on Eyal’s video. As of publication time, it had been liked more than 1,100 times. Most of those commenting were blown away by the footage.

DJI could use the footage (providing you royalty payments of course, or discounts of their products). Just unbelievable video that reminded me of a documentary where the filmmaker had to use an ultralight aircraft and launching it at the opportune time to match the speed of migrating canadian geese as it flies southward to warmer climates and roll the camera alongside in flight.

Ramon Kabigting, Facebook Post

The movie Ramon is thinking of is called Fly Away Home, and is based on the work of Canadian Bill Lishman, an wildly talented guy who was an ultralight pioneer. Lishman was the first person to fly an ultralight aircraft to lead a flock of migrating birds. You can read more about his life, which was very rich, right here.


Of course, not all birds are quite as laid back when it comes to drones. There’s no shortage of footage, if you’re looking, showing eagles take out Phantoms.

Please don’t try to replicate this shot; let’s just enjoy it, and be happy the pelicans didn’t seem to mind.

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