Wildlife Stories December 17, 2019

Research with drones shows that Northwest killer whales are shrinking

Research with drones shows that Northwest killer whales are shrinking in size. Drone photos show how closely the health and size of the killer whales are related to the size of their favorite prey, big chinook salmon.

Wildlife Stories December 9, 2019

The crew from Seven Worlds One Planet used drones to show the wonders of the seven extraordinary continents. The unmanned aircraft were deployed in some of the most beautiful and hostile environments on earth and include the ice of Antarctica and the scorching heat of the deserts of Africa.

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Wildlife Stories November 5, 2019

Drone footage helps scientists study killer whale behavior

Drone footage helps scientists from the University of British Columbia study killer whale behavior as the unmanned aircraft provide a rare glimps into the underwater world off the coast of B.C. The video footage was released last Monday and represents the first time that drones have been used to study the behavior of the killer whales.

Wildlife Stories October 4, 2019

People are continuously finding new ways to use drones. Take a look at this example where biologists now use a drone to ‘weigh’ whales from above. I mean, we have seen researchers using drones to collect whale snot in the past, but to weigh a whale with help of an unmanned aircraft is novel.

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Wildlife Stories July 3, 2019

Drone captures rare blue whale and calf off San Diego coast

A drone has captured the gorgeous sight of a rare blue whale and her calf swimming off the coast of San Diego, California. This is not the first time that blue whales have been captured with a drone. Almost exactly one year ago, we reported on another blue whale sighting.

Wildlife Stories March 5, 2019

Over the last few weeks or so, we came across this photo of a drone-catching eagle many, many times on social media. What is the background story here? Where did this photo come from? Snopes found out. Jump in to learn more.

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