Wildlife Stories January 4

A photographer with a massive lens was quick to capture an eagle attacking a DJI Mavic Air. Six spectacular photos show the ordeal as it took place in the air. The images were shared on Facebook and apparently, the eagle attacked the DJI Mavic Air three times before it finally got it.

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Wildlife Stories November 21, 2018

200 million termite mounds cover an area the size of Britain [drone video]

A drone video helps to provide some sense of scale to this recent story in the NYT. 200 million (yes, million!) termite mounds that were hidden in plain sight in a remote part of the Brazilian forest, cover an area the size of Britain. Some of the mounds, garbage piles apparently, are estimated to be almost 4,000 years old.

Wildlife Stories November 8, 2018

Most of you will probably have seen the viral bear video that has been circulating on social media this week. National Geographic just posted an article that lets experts weigh in on the matter. Many scientists have expressed concerns about the way the viral bear video was shot. The drone footage was taken by Dmitry Kedrov on the coast of Russia’s Sea of Okhotsk last summer and shows a brown bear and her cub climbing a slippery snowy slope. Luckily it all ends well but not after the mother bear seemingly swats at the drone halfway through the video.

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Wildlife Stories October 9, 2018

Scientists in Nepal use drones to count endangered crocodiles

Scientists in Nepal use drone images to count critically endangered gharial and mugger crocodiles along the Babai River. Counting the animals by drone proved to be just as accurate as counting by ground survey teams. However, the drones were able to do it in less time and at a lower cost.

Wildlife Stories August 13, 2018

We reported briefly on Ocean Alliance before, but this video that the non-profit organization provided us with is simply too good not to be shared. The drone footage of the whales is amazing and also the innovative way these researchers have been able to use drones, is a great example of how these unmanned aircraft can be used for good in the world. DJI has acknowledged this as well and is an official partner for the not-for-profit. The organization uses an Inspire drone, called the SnotBot to capture the droplets with DNA as the whales exhale by flying the drone through the spray. Fascinating stuff!

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Wildlife Stories July 23, 2018

Just this morning we came across this amazing video from Safari Live (National Geographic) that shows the Nkuhuma Pride of lions hunt at night in Kruger National Park in South Africa. The lions are being followed by one person (James Henry) in an open 4×4 and by a thermal drone. Watching the thermal drone footage provides a stunning view of the pride’s movement through the thick South African bush. At some point, you can actually see another smaller animal run away from the approaching pride.

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