DJI FPV drone is reportedly being tested by content creators in Indonesia

DJI FPV drone content creators

The unreleased but heavily leaked DJI FPV drone appears to be getting put through its paces by a group of content creators at the famous Nusa Penida island off the Indonesian coast. At least, that’s what we are made to believe.

A leaked image was found on Twitter by Perth, Australia creator Franco Reñones yesterday of what looks to be the DJI FPV drone sitting on the ground. Next to the drone, you can see another FPV drone and a bag with a yellow section – keep this in mind.

Now, taking a look at an image from Instagram user Ric GM. The photo features various creators, Sam Kolder, who works with DJI to create content, and Robert Hill and Keane Luong. The man behind the photo Ric GM has also apparently received drones from DJI in the past to create content with.

While this photo is from a different angle and is clearly taken at a different time, we can see that it looks to be from the same group. We can see the same yellow and black bag in this image, the racing drone with the green propellers, but we can’t see the DJI racing drone.

It is clear that the drone is either been removed from the photo on Ric GM’s Instagram story or is hiding behind the guy on the right of the story (Robert Hill). From these two images, we can see that DJI is putting in a lot of effort and money to make the launch of its first FPV drone amazing.

As the world is still facing COVID, and most travel isn’t allowed, it seems that DJI has made it possible for the group of creators to fly to Indonesia to get some epic footage of the islands and the new drone. We can also see a Mavic in the photo, suggesting that the promo video for the drone will be shot on the DJI FPV drone itself, the Mavic, and with what looks to either be GoPros or Osmo Actions.

What we’ve seen so far

Yesterday, we got new images of the DJI FPV drone in the biggest leak we have seen so far. Looking at the two images, we can see that the DJI FPV drone will come with the same FPV goggles that were released with the FPV kit last year. The FPV drone will also come with the controller we got a chance to see in previous leaks with a brand new design.

Taking a look at the drone, we can see it has a similar shape to one of the drones we saw leak earlier this year. This one has a new darker color scheme with red on two motors to ensure the correct propellers go on each motor.

The box says DJI FPV Combo on it, suggesting that this is an RTF package. It comes with a drone, controller, and FPV goggles. I’d imagine DJI will also be selling another version with just the drone or the drone and the goggles.

The drone looks to have a frosted plastic canopy that likely has the drone’s GPS and other brains in it. The battery likely goes in the rear of the drone. We can see a heat sink on top of the drone’s front section likely used to keep the camera cool in flight.

From the image, we can’t actually see the drone’s camera, so we can’t really talk much about it just yet. Osita mentions that someone who got an evaluation model didn’t stick to DJI’s NDA in the tweet with the images. He has said this as last month retailers began to receive models to test out before selling them.

Photo: Ric GM

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