Leaked image shows new DJI X7 ground camera

A series of images of a new DJI product have leaked. It’s not immediately easy to tell, but it looks like it could be a new ground-based device for the X7 series camera and lenses.

You’re perhaps familiar with DJI’s Zenmuse X7. It’s a compact Super 35mm camera, complete with integrated gimbal, designed to work with the Inspire 2 and its likely successor. (And sorry, no, we don’t have any information on when an Inspire 3 might be coming, but 2021 seems a pretty good guess.) The X7 shoots 6K CinemaDNG and 5.2K Apple ProRes. With 14 stops of dynamic range and a set of four prime lenses, the X7 has become a favorite of aerial cinematographers. In fact, some say the quality produced by this camera and lens combo rivals much larger cameras that require heavy-lift drones.

With the as background, let’s take a look at the new images.

Is this an X7 ground system?

The latest leak occurs, as they often do, courtesy of Twitter persona @OsitaLV. And here’s the Tweet:

Hmmmm…looks very interesting

New interface

There’s not a ton we can infer from the photo. But one thing stands out: the interface. As @OsitaLV notes, it has two interfaces. That could mean that some existing products, like the X4S and X5S gimballed cameras, might not be forward-compatible. We can’t say for certain, but if so, they’ve had a good run. Here’s another look at that adaptor:

That looks new.

Other fast features?

Well, if you look back at the images in @OsitaLV’s post, we can pick up a few more things. They include:

  • Two heavy-duty heat sinks
  • Multiple mounting options for Ronins, tripods
  • What appear to be weatherproof seals over other inputs
  • Four-pin video out
  • Some carbon fiber construction

There’s not a ton more information here at the moment, but what we see makes this very intriguing.

It also kind of makes sense. If DJI’s X7 camera and lens line is doing well (and from what we can tell, it is), it would make sense to offer those goodies to a wider crowd than simply aerial cinematographers. There are still plenty of video pros who work solely on solid ground, and making a highly respected lens and camera combo available on the ground means opening up a completely new sales market for those existing prime lenses.

That reminds us…time to sell our old X4S.


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