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We’ve made it a habit to highlight exceptional videos. Sometimes these videos showcase amazing flying skills, while sometimes they’re more about capturing a stunning location. A few have even been about specific video techniques, such as emulating a tilt-shift lens. All of them caught our eye for one reason or another, leading us to generally interview the pilot and share the resulting story with you.

Here’s the latest.

A new video from Wales – plus a bonus

This video showed up in a DJI Facebook group dedicated to the Mini 2. It was of Snowdonia National Park in Wales. The combination of mist and snow, coupled with the gentle pace of the drone flight, gave the video an ethereal quality that we just loved. And so we reached out Gidon Prager.

Gidon lives with his wife in the village of Betws-y-Coed, which itself lies within the UK’s second-largest national park. The couple moved there a couple of years ago, purchasing a bed and breakfast in the hopes of simply enjoying a more peaceful quality of life than they had in London. It was everything they’d hoped for:

It’s absolutely stunning. People around here go walking, cycling, swimming… It’s a very very nice village, and it’s really catered for the tourists. We’ve had a few people come here to fly drones: Two from England and one from Singapore with this friends. They all had DJI drones; I love the DJI stuff. 

Gidon Prager

Mavic Mini finds new home

It wasn’t long before Gidon was bitten by the drone bug. He purchased a Mavic Mini, which he wound up getting stuck in a very tall tree in the village. The tree was just tall enough that he could see where his drone was trapped, but too tall to safely do anything about it. Frustrating. And so, when the Mini 2 was released in November, Gidon bit the bullet and upgraded. He noticed a tremendous difference between the two machines.

“The Mini 2 – it’s like a mean machine compared to the first one, it’s completely upgraded in every way and in every aspect,” he says. “I don’t know how much more they can do if they decide to release a third version. They’ll probably put obstacle avoidance all over it, maybe upgrade the camera again.”

Gidon knew he wanted to capture the park with some snow on the ground, preferably with fog. The conditions aligned perfectly last week. He took out his Mini 2 and started flying. The finished product provides an evocative look at a beautiful spot.


During our conversation, we spoke about Gidon’s bed and breakfast. Turns out, not surprisingly, that tourism has been absolutely hammered by the pandemic. Visits are a fraction of what they were.

But with the vaccine rollout under way, Gidon knows that people will be back to visit the Afon View Guesthouse. Reviews of the place are awesome; this one is typical:

Such a delightful place to stay! Every little extra luxurious detail was already thought about so I didn’t have to! The breakfast was so tasty. The hosts were kind, thoughtful, and seemed genuinely happy to welcome me into their gorgeous guest house. Perfection! Hope to stay again!

Afon View Guesthouse guest

Gidon says – and you can see – that it’s an amazing location for aerial videography and photography. So, if you’re looking for a cool place to say consider checking out Snowdonia National Park and Gidon’s Afon View Guesthouse. I’m seriously hoping to get there for a visit; looks amazing.

While you’re here, check out Gidon’s relatively new YouTube Channel. Consider subscribing while you’re there.

Your turn: Send us your best

We enjoy discovering videos of all sorts that help illustrate cool things people are capturing with drones. So we started thinking: Why leave this to chance? There’s undoubtedly some great content we’re missing. Why not invite you to point us toward videos that really show off your talent.

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We’re looking for videos that really, really show us something special. Whether it’s some gorgeous new place, amazing piloting skills, or perhaps even some shots of a build you’re particularly proud of. The key here is that the video needs to be exceptional in some way in order to make the cut.


The whole point of this is to showcase good work and reflect the drone community. We’re not looking to promote competing websites. But we are more than happy to direct people to view your content, boost your views, and encourage them to subscribe.

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