EHang’s passenger-carrying drone a key step in Urban Air Mobility

China’s EHang took another great leap forward in its push toward Urban Air Mobility. A new video hints that its passenger-carrying drone is ready to start UAM services in one Chinese city.

EHang is a drone company to watch. It’s been hard-focused on its EHang 216 two-seater autonomous passenger drone. The company sees this as part of a future of Urban Air Mobility, where autonomous drones are so safely integrated into the airspace above cities that they routinely carry people as well as deliver goods. The EHang 216 has now carried passengers on multiple test flights. But a new video indicates perhaps things are now moving further ahead.

Much further.

A new YouTube video

Earlier today (January 12, 2021), EHang posted a new video to YouTube. Its title: “EHang to Provide UAM Services in Hengqin New Area in Zhuhai, China.” What that title fails to reveal is whether that means now or in the future. And, if the latter, how far down the road? We don’t have the answers, and EHang did not issue a news release to accompany the video.

But. The video clearly shows people flying in the EHang 216 passenger-carrying drone. It’s got the feel that this was almost routine at this point:

The future is coming. Fast.

As mentioned, there was no news release issued with the video. However, we thought it was worth borrowing this paragraph from a recent release to help give you context:

As the world’s leading autonomous aerial vehicle (“AAV”) technology platform company and the UAM industry pioneer, EHang has proprietarily developed a complete suite of intelligent aerial logistics solutions, including the EH216L heavy-lift AAV for short-to-medium-haul aerial transport, the Falcon medium-sized AAV for urban express delivery, the unmanned aircraft systems, take-off and landing control sites and intelligent self-express service machines. With abundant operating experience, service workflow and practical data, EHang made significant contribution to the groundbreaking for the Standard based on its industry expertise and valuable insights. 

EHang News Release

EHang is based in Guangzhou, a major city in southern China. It is considered one of the world’s leading companies in terms of Urban Air Mobility. Its EHang 216 drone has carried out demo flights in Seoul, and the aircraft has also been recently tested in Canada at a special drone-testing facility in Quebec.

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