DJI adds option of Flyaway coverage for Mini 2, Mavic Air 2

Worried that your Mavic Mini or Mini 2 might fly away on you? Odds are it will never happen. But in the rare event it does? If you have DJI Care Refresh, you’re covered.

There was a time when flyways were not that uncommon. One minute, you’d be flying your drone along with no problems… and the next it was like it had a brain of its own. You’d watch, helpless, as the drone flew away into the sunset (or in a different direction). Only a lucky few would find those drones; the rest were out of luck.

Now, DJI is offering protection against this issue for the Mavic Air 2 and the Mini 2.

A new offering to DJI Care

The new coverage is included with DJI Care Refresh. Owners of the DJI Mavic Air 2 and the new Mini 2 would simply pay a corresponding replacement fee if they have a flyaway.

The news came in an email from DJI, which included these details:

DJI Care Flyaway coverage takes effect when Care Refresh is purchased and customers sync their account and remote controller to the latest version of the DJI Fly App. In the rare case of a flyaway, customers can file a Flyaway report, pay any corresponding fees and receive a replacement product quickly. Existing customers who purchased DJI Care Refresh can add this service by binding their DJI account with the remote controller. The new service offers a 1 year plan that covers 1 flyaway, a 2 year plan that covers up to 2 flyaways and DJI Care Refresh+ which covers 1 fly away or 1 accidental damage incident.

How much will it cost?

With slight variations, that depends on where you live. For full pricing details, hit up this link. You can also find a little more comprehensive explanation right here.

Does this ever happen anymore?

It doesn’t happen often. But yes, it still does happen.

DJI Care Refresh might just save the day…

The following reported incident occurred, says the owner, with a brand new Mavic Air 2.

I took my MA2 out for its second flight today. It ended up at the bottom of the lake. This is what I sent to DJI: Started drone and it said barometer error please restart. I restarted and it said the same thing. I was going to pack up and come home but I tried once more. It started fine with no errors. I gave it a minute to see if any errors appeared but they didn’t. So I took off and it was about  20 meters away and 20 high at a guess and it just suddenly started to drop. It hit the water but bounced up and hovered. I had no control over it at this time it had lost connection. After a few minutes, it climbed up high like it was in return to home mode. It got about 30 meters up then suddenly dropped like a stone and hit the water upside down and sank. I have DJI care refresh and I stupidly thought it covered everything, only to find out it’s useless if the drone flies away and you can’t retrieve it. So now I’ve put a claim in with DJI for a fly away. How do these usually go? It was 100% not user error as i had no errors before take off, connected to loads of satellites. Battery was 50%. When the remote lost connection it should have flown home and looked like it was. Only to drop. 

DJI Forum Post

The good news?

Well, providing you have DJI Care Refresh, you’re covered for the Mavic Air 2 and the Mini 2.

We checked in with DJI to see if flight logs would be required. Yes, they would, as DJI would want to examine what went wrong. But what about if you were flying in a strong wind and your drone was simply carried away? DJI would examine all cases on their merit, but a DJI spokesperson says he’s confident that your product would still be replaced, providing you paid the replacement fee.

Purchasing that extra coverage is like buying insurance: You hope you never need it – but it’s really great to have in the rare event things go wrong.

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