High-end FPV rigs producing crazy shots with unreal quality

Aerial filming is getting to a point where some of the shots could be mistaken for CGI (computer-generated imagery). Today, with FPV drones, crazy movements can be captured on higher-quality cameras than ever before.

In the video below, we start off wall-riding a building in a city-like area. From there, we gently sway into an active road as we fly smoothly into the tunnel-like area. As we come into the new space, we are introduced to a biker swerving between cars pretty quickly. It is clear that the biker is the center of attention.

This shot could be done in many ways. However, I personally think the drone has the best ability to move through space freely. If this were shot on a Motocrane or Russian Arm, I am not sure how you would achieve it in one longer take. Also if the aerials were filmed by helicopter, it would not be able to continue that motion into the tunnel to follow the subject. Hence, the drone is the only option for that continuous movement.

Helicopters and arms are more than capable of carrying the weight of a cinema camera. Drones however do have more limits with weight but can still carry such cameras if mounted properly. To put things in perspective, a popular consumer drone like the DJI Mavic Air 2 weighs 1.3 pounds. The drone this video was shot on weighs about 12-15 pounds with the camera, lens, and batteries on board. This certainly adds a few more variables, but the directors and clients are able to achieve the quality they desire.


Once again, this is another feat in the FPV realm. It is fantastic to see Ducati hiring a creative team that decided to film with drones of this caliber. It is also incredible to see the young and talented DRL pilot Alex Vanover on these shoots. Skilled pilots like him are able to offer precision and confidence when it comes to capturing the shot. Having trust in your equipment and knowing the limits of the gear is also a crucial step that requires hours of hands-on practice. To me, this video is awesome, and it shows us where FPV is heading in the years to come.

Equipment used in this video:

Moneyshot FPV Drone and RED Komodo.

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