Official DJI promo images of new FPV drone leaked + video

It was bound to happen. And it has – new images of the DJI FPV drone have leaked.

It always happens. As a product gets closer to launch, more leaks come. That shouldn’t be surprising, because more people are in the loop. For example, DJI distributes images of products to retailers before they’re released. And once those images are in a wider circle of hands and hard drives, it’s a lot easier for things to start getting out. Drip, drip, drip.

And this time, there’s a pretty good splash.

A reader was checking out the German Amazon website. He typed in DJI Flash and got this image with a price:

From Amazon Germany…

The Price

According to the listing – now removed – the price is 1,654 euros. That translates to a little north of $2,000 USD. The tipster theorized that this would be the price for the Fly More combo, which we presume will come with three batteries and other extras. We’re not saying this will be the US price, because we don’t know.

The tipster says that when he clicked on “Product Details” the following images – clearly from DJI – popped up on his phone.

This is clearly a DJI image
And another…

And there’s a video, too…

The same person happened to come across a YouTube video showing the the DJI FPV in flight.

DJI’s FPV drone…

The video contains a lot of previously seen content but also some new images of the product in flight. Here’s a freeze-frame:

Yes, it’s blurry. But it’s real.

Coming soon

How soon, we can’t say. But we’re guessing we’ll know everything soon – and so will you.

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