FLIR opens a new service center in Dubai for local customers

FLIR service center Dubai

FLIR has announced its new service facility located in Dubai right next to the Al Maktoum International Airport. The new facility will allow defense and industrial customers in the Middle East region to access a dedicated team if anything goes wrong.

The new facility is a state-of-the-art 33,000-plus-square-foot facility fitted with two service labs designed to meet defense and industrial customers’ needs.

The CEO decided to build the new service facility after he visited the company’s previous facilities, which have been open for the last 13 years.

FLIR president and CEO Jim Cannon shared:

I visited our facilities and met with teams in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I was impressed by their collaboration, as well as their technology innovation and a deep focus on the customer experience. With this large new space, FLIR now presents a single face to our industrial and defense customers in an important part of the world where the business is growing.

The first of the two labs will test a wide range of FLIR thermal and visual sensors, performing advanced tests, optical alignments, warranties, calibrations, and laser testing for the defense market. The technicians will also be trained to service the company’s SkyeRanger and Black Hornet drones.

The second one will perform similar services, advanced tests, optical alignments, warranties, calibrations, laser testing, and industrial and commercial markets. This approach to separate the two sectors is a great decision, allowing defense systems to be kept away from the rest of the equipment, ensuring the device’s security and secrecy of the technology inside.

Mike Bowling, regional director for global customer support and facilities manager of FLIR Systems Middle East, added:

The new facility moves us closer to customers, trims repair turnaround time, and allows us to maximize efficiency. We employed lean management practices, value stream mapping, and kaizen events to determine how best to optimize the building’s design and service center layouts to support current and future operations.

Photo: FLIR

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