Watch this amazing bowling alley CineWhoop drone video

We like to feature awesome videos. And this video? It. Is. Awesome.

With the rise of small, agile, CineWhoop-style drones, we’ve seen an entirely new genre of drone videos emerge. These tend to take us on a little tour, often heading from the street and through the front doors of homes and businesses. Then, once inside, the pilot moves around the space to let us explore the place. Done well, they’re pretty amazing.

And this one? It’s superb.

Minneapolis bowling alley

The scene is the Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater. The creator is listed on YouTube as jaybyrdfilms. The guy behind the sticks is Jay Christensen of Rally Studios in Minneapolis. We gave them a call, and it was busy. Jay was on the phone with an interview, because this video was starting to blow up online.

It’s easy to see why. His piloting is impeccable, and clearly a ton of planning went into producing this. Every move takes us to something worth seeing. And the audio, added in post-production, is great. Clinking glasses, snippets of conversation…Jay really takes us on a little story.

Let’s have a look

Here you go:

That’s some video – and what an ending!

We’re hoping Jay will get back to us. We’d love to know what he was flying, how long he’s been flying, and what challenges were involved with this shoot. We’re also super keen to find out how many takes were involved with this production. And the timing? Superb. As you just saw, there’s a lot packing into that 1:27.

If you’re into FPV, we hope this inspires you – it certainly was up our alley.

Amazing job. And man, does it make us miss bowling – and people.

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