cinewhoop Stories March 15

Well, that blew up fast. Last week, soon after Jay Christensen of Rally Studios in Minneapolis posted his now-famous Right Up Our Alley video, it went viral. And deservedly so.

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cinewhoop Stories March 9

We like to feature awesome videos. And this video? It. Is. Awesome.

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cinewhoop Stories February 15

A lot of people have been getting into CineWhoop drones over the past couple of years. These cinematic FPVs allow you to get high-quality footage on generally small rigs. But if you’re looking for a really high-end result, there are now more options available. Drones that can lift heavier cameras. Today, Nurk tests one out.

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cinewhoop Stories February 5

We thought we’d seen it all before. We hadn’t. And you? Just wait until you see this drone pilot take a dive with his drone over a waterfall, followed by a personal plunge into frigid waters to recover it.

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cinewhoop Stories December 31, 2020

You know us. We like nothing more than discovering cool videos that show off piloting skills. Pretty much all of these videos involve the agility that can only come from an FPV drone – and the ability that only comes with top-flight pilots. We’ve just found three more examples from a single team.

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cinewhoop Stories October 16, 2019

The Cinewhoop is an awesome style of drone that can capture crisp HD footage that a machine like the DJI Mavic 2 just wouldn’t be capable of producing. They are small, stable, and safer than your typical FPV drone, and you can capture some pretty amazing cinematic footage. There are some small inexpensive options out there like the Eachine Cinecan, but those little drones can’t carry a GoPro or Osmo Action camera. The best ready-made option might be the iFlight Megabee, but it is $285. I figured I could do it for less and I was right. I’ll show you how to get it done for about $150. expand full story

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