fpv Stories June 13

The UVify OOri is a unique quadcopter. It was built by a company that has its roots in FPV drone racing but was uniquely designed with a beginner pilot in mind. The OOri can be flown like a traditional FPV freestyle or race quad that tops out at 50 mph. However, it also has a beginner mode that utilizes vision positioning software to help make it incredibly stable. expand full story

fpv Stories June 12

Fat Shark is the undisputed leader in FPV goggles and headsets. Their top of the line HDO goggles are absolutely brilliant. The biggest problem is that buying a good pair of Fat Sharks HDOs will cost you upwards of $500 after you’ve purchased a receiver to go along with them. That is why Fat Shark created the Scout. The Scout ($199) is a top-end box style FPV headset that has some excellent features but at a fraction of the price of the HDO lineup. expand full story

DJI Spark

fpv Stories June 11

It is no secret that I love my original Emax Tinyhawk, but the new Tinyhawk S takes it up a notch. The original is a great drone for flying both indoors and out. Emax did all the little things right when they made it. My only wish was that it could handle a 2S battery. Now it can and it is an absolute dream. This is the best beginner drone out there, but I wouldn’t stop there. If you fly FPV then you need this drone. Yes, it’s that good and it won’t break the bank starting at $99. expand full story

fpv Stories May 30

The URUAV UR85 HD Bushido($155) is a Cinewhoop that you can fly right out of the box. This one is basically a lighter version of the popular Beta 85x HD. Because it is roughly the same size, but substantially lighter (23 grams) it is a much more capable drone. While it still isn’t something I’d recommend for strictly flying freestyle it is a lot of fun to fly and can capture some pretty awesome cinematic HD footage that just isn’t possible with a larger drone. If you haven’t flown a Cinewhoop style drone then this is definitely something you’ll need to check out. They are a blast and will get you video footage that you can’t get with really any other style quad. expand full story

fpv Stories May 5

The iFlight CineBee 75HD ($179) is what is known as a cinewhoop drone. Cinewhoops are rapidly becoming popular because you can fly them first-person view and record HD video without having to add an additional camera. The Cinebee is small, only 75 mm from motor to motor so you can capture HD footage with it that would be impossible with a larger drone. expand full story

fpv Stories April 3

Eachine E013 is a great starter FPV drone, says Captain Drone

Captain Drone shows in one of his latest videos why the Eachine E013 Tiny Whoop Drone is a great starter drone for people who’d like to get into FPV drone flying (or racing). The Eachine is a small and inexpensive FPV drone that comes with its own set of racing goggles but can also be used with the well-known FatShark goggles. Check out the video below if flying FPV drones, is something you’d like to get into.

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