Another sick, slick Skydio 3D scan in advance of major June 2 event

We’ve been getting a sense lately that there’s kind of a drum roll going on. And there is, as Skydio moves toward a major event on June 2.

We’ve been getting used to seeing some pretty amazing scans produced by the Skydio 2 drone. Specifically, scans carried out with its 3D Scan software. With a few basic inputs from the pilot, the drone will automatically scan whatever object is within a user-defined volume. The outputs we’ve seen have been pretty stellar, and it seems like Skydio tries to up the game every time.

And, come June 2, it sounds like the company will take it next-level.

Key software

Though it’s only available in Beta at the moment, the Skydio 3D Scan software is going to prove popular with Enterprise clients. We’ve already seen feedback from engineering and inspection firms that have been testing the product, and they’re impressed.

Gotta say: We are, too.

Because the Skydio 2 has six 4K cameras for vision positioning, it can get very close to objects (when necessary) without colliding with them. Because of that same machine vision system, it’s also immune to interference that might deny the mission for a GPS-based drone.

Increasing complexity

We’ve now seen a series of videos that show 3D Scans of increasing complexity. The first, which made waves when it was initially posted, was of a helicopter:

Not long after that, Skydio was up to it again – with a cell tower. It was an amazing scan but is unfortunately no longer online. But no worries, because there are plenty of other videos showing off the prowess of this drone-software combo. Take the Sepulveda Dam, for example:


The scans are incredibly detailed and textured — the kind of output inspectors and engineers want in order to really drill in on their assets. This week, Skydio uploaded an even more impressive scan, taken of a semi-conductor facility.

This video is different from the others because it blends the scanned output with video that shows the drone autonomously positioning itself as it calculates on its own the vantage point from where photos need to be taken.

Certainly, there are other drone/software combinations that are capable of carrying out this task. But the Skydio 2’s 360° vision system allows it to get very close to the object without fear of collision. So the resolution looks pretty ace. Shout out here to Skydio Social Media and Marketing ace Kendall Martin, who pulls these videos together and always – always – nails both the edit and the music. But the other stars here, of course, are the Skydio 2 and 3D Scan software. I mean, just look at this:

June 2

If you like what you’re seeing here, you’re going to want to mark June 2 in your calendar. Skydio is putting on a major, full-blown live event from the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The company’s senior leaders, including CEO Adam Bry, will be demonstrating the capabilities of the company’s growing line of products. There’s going to be much more, including – we suspect – a significant announcement.

Given that it’s going to be at that facility, we’re anticipating some pretty cool scans of rockets and other structures at the facility, plus perhaps even a demo. Skydio is understandably pretty stoked about the event. And, given the significant numbers (from around the world) attending Skydio’s webinars, we figure there should be a pretty significant online turnout.

“There are actually a couple of really game-breaking features with VR and AR that we think pilots are going to crazy over,” says Skydio’s Guillaume Delépine.

Wait, there’s more!

One final thing worth noting. A number of Enterprise companies are already using Skydio 2s and the forthcoming 3D Scan software for really complex operations. They say they’re seeing dramatic efficiency gains using this combo. Some of those people will be at this live event as well, explaining what these drones do that works so well for them.

We’re certainly going to attend. And we’d encourage you – particularly those of you in the Enterprise field – to take it in as well. It’s June 2 at 0900 PT (12:00 ET), and you can sign up here.

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