Win $400 (maybe) by taking part in the Annual DroneAnalyst Survey

DroneAnalyst wants you – or at least some information from you. And by helping out DroneAnalyst with its annual survey, you’re assisting it with providing what we regard as the one of the most credible and thoughtful reports providing the Big Picture on the drone industry.

On any given week, we receive emails from companies all over the world offering their insights on the drone industry. Some of these come from credible sources, and others – well – appear to be a money grab from companies that specialize in reports from every industry on the planet.

In our experience, DroneAnalyst is different. The reports are based on surveys, and the data then gets sliced and diced an analyzed by David Benowitz, formerly with DJI’s Enterprise Unit. There’s no hype, no crazy predictions – just the facts.

Annual survey

In order to capture a snapshot from which to work, DroneAnalyst conducts an annual survey. It covers the entire industry, from consumers and recreational pilots to serious enterprise companies, first responders, and more. That data then becomes the bedrock for reports that really do provide genuine insights into how the industry is performing, and what changes or trends are under way.

And to make those already-excellent reports even better, DroneAnalyst is calling on you. Yes, you, the person reading this right now.

Your input = better data

Yes, there’s something in this for you. First of all, David Benowitz and DroneAnalyst really do take care with this data, trying to paint the most accurate picture of the global drone industry as possible. And, of course, the more data collected, the more accurate the picture.

But if you take part in the survey (which only takes about 10 minutes), you’ll be in the running for one of two $400 gift certificates. You’ll also receive a free summary report of the research, which is a $95 value. (If you know of something that pays better for 10 minutes of your time, go for it.)

This year’s report will take a dive into some of the areas that are really shaping the industry right now. Here’s the word, straight from DroneAnalyst:

“The 2021 survey is more comprehensive than ever before, by building on top of our previous efforts and diving deeper into:

  • “How new autonomous features are impacting purchases and adoption
  • “The impact concerns (and rules) around Chinese-made drones have had on drone purchases
  • “How adoption, spending and usage differs across key end user segments”

Find out more

For many enterprise companies and investors, the DroneAnalyst reports have come to be known as the industry standard. They’re not inexpensive for the whole enchilada… but the reports contain a lot of deep insight and credibly explore industry trends. If you’d like to buy one, you can get more information here.

If you’re looking for specific reports (and there are many), here are some of the current and recent ones available:

Ready for the survey (and, possibly, $400)?

Of course you are. You can jump in right here.

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