New SwellPro Splashdrone 4 waterproof drone offers fishing options, new features

Swellpro Splashdrone 4 waterproof drone

SwellPro, one of the few companies on the planet making waterproof drones, has a new model. It’s called the Splashdrone 4. And it’s made, as you can guess, for wet environments.

We’ve covered SwellPro before. It has a very niche line of waterproof drone products and accessories. The company says they can be used for research, recreation, and even fishing, providing you purchase an optional bait-dropping release mechanism with a whopping 2 kilogram payload capacity. That means you could lift a baited line with a heavy hook from the shore, take it out past the breaking surf, and drop it into areas far beyond the casting techniques of even the best pro fisherperson.

So let’s take a look.

These drones can go underwater

Swellpro has been in this game for a while. The Chinese company identified the market for waterproof drones early on, and has been in the business now for seven years. Here’s a short video, showing a couple of different models in action. As you’ll see, when the company says its drones are waterproof, it means it:

That’s pretty impressive.

Splashdrone 4

The company’s newest offering is the Splashdrone 4. It’s the fifth generation of the company’s waterproof drone products, so you’d figure they’ve learned some things along the way. And it certainly looks that way, based on the specs. For starters, it has an IP67 Ingress Protection rating and has a seawater-proof body. Here’s what the company says on its website:

SplashDrone 4 is designed to have the best waterproofing technology in the industry. The tough, rigid fuselage of is made out of industrial-grade ABS. Each SplashDrone 4 is factory-sealed to the slightest details and air-pressure tested for our exclusive 100% waterproof guarantee.The waterproof motors and internal electronics are also coated with corrosion-resistant coating adding an extra layer of protection over the already total waterproof design.

Yup, it really is waterproof…

More features

The IP67 rating is pretty impressive. But it’s only one of a number of features SwellPro says its new product has. This screengrab comes directly from the company’s website:

Oh. And the remote controller? It’s waterproof too, with an IP 66 rating. Plus, like the drone, it floats:

And the 4K camera? Well, obviously, it’s waterproof as well:

Let’s see it in action…

This video, unfortunately, doesn’t show the Splashdrone 4 carrying a fishing line offshore and dropping it. But it still gives you a sense of the drone:

Pricing and availability

The Splashdrone 4 is available now for pre-order. The price is $2,498, including the 4K, three-axis camera. Shipping is free, and will start on July 22. The direct link to the order page is here.

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