Coverdrone insurance claims data uncovers most common risks with drone flying

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Pilot error, accidental damage, loss of data link, flyaways, accidental loss… These are only some of the reasons why Coverdrone customers made drone insurance claims last year. So now, the company, which provides insurance for both commercial and recreational drones, is sharing insights from its claims data to help operators understand the most common risks associated with drone operations.

Coverdrone, which currently provides drone insurance in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, settled 98.2% of its claims in 2021. While taking a deep dive into its claims data to enhance risk management, the insurer decided to compile a list of most frequent reasons that led to claims – just like it had done the year before. Let’s take a look…

Top reasons for drone insurance claims

  1. Pilot Error
  2. Accidental Damage
  3. Loss of Data Link
  4. Fly Away
  5. Accidental Loss
  6. Mechanical Failure
  7. Bird Strike
  8. Loss of Power
  9. Weather
  10. Theft from a Vehicle

Pilot error has emerged as the No. 1 cause of drone insurance claims in 2021, making up 33% of all Coverdrone claims in the year. There are many reasons why pilot error can occur, such as fatigue, poor communication, distraction, or lack of teamwork in larger missions. However, the chances of an unfortunate incident occurring can be decreased significantly if the operator is familiar with the equipment and really educates themselves about the different features and flight modes of the drone. At the same time, knowledge of drone laws is also important, the insurer points out in a blog.

Promisingly though, there are fewer claims being made because of pilot error today than there were in 2020 (49%). Coverdrone credits the improvement to the introduction of A2CofC and drone pilots educating themselves about drone rules and regulations.

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Mechanical failure has also moved down from No. 4 (2020) to No. 6 in Coverdrone’s most frequent claims in 2021. This, the insurer says, could be due to technological advancements and the products being more reliable.

In the meantime, accidental loss has moved up the list of most frequent claims in 2021, jumping from number 10 to 5 in 2020. This may be due to people being less conscious of ensuring they have gathered their kit together at the end of a flight or leaving it on transport (on a bus, taxi, tram), for example.

Flyaway claims also saw an increase in 2021. And these, the insurer says, can be caused by several factors including flying beyond the visual line of sight, compass interference, and not setting a designated home point or updating it when necessary.

In the end, Coverdrone advises drone pilots to furnish as much information as possible to ensure a speedy claims settlement:

Understandably, from time-to-time accidents happen. Our insurance policy is there for you to provide complete peace of mind when accidents do occur. We recently settled a claim involving a client flying their drone along a beach and unfortunately it clipped on a fence railing nearby. This was settled under the accidental damage category.

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