DJI Mic is now available to buy, but delivery may take almost 2 months

dji mic shipping date delay

After months of delay, DJI has finally made its first audio recording product, DJI Mic, available to buy. But don’t count on creating spring content with the wireless microphone just yet. Most US states won’t see a DJI Mic actually being delivered until the last week of May.

DJI announced the wearable dual-channel recording system in October 2021 alongside the Action 2 camera. The tech giant touted it as the must-have accessory for vloggers. And not without reason.

The Mic offers compatibility with pretty much every mainstream smartphone and laptop out there. It promises exceptional sound quality and recording at distances of up to 250 m. Factor in up to 15 hours of battery power and budget-friendly pricing and it’s easy to see why a content creator would be keen to get their hands on the DJI Mic.

Initially, the shipping date for the Mic was set for January 2022 – unlike Action 2, which was to become available in a week’s time. Come January and the Mic did become available for sale, but only in Mainland China.

DJI promptly explained that while it had shipped out the product to other countries, COVID-19 flareups and supply chain constraints were delaying custom clearances. Delivery was now pushed to March. In the meantime, production was ramped up based on a steady stream of pre-orders.

Come March and DJI was forced to issue another apology, stressing that while “a large number of customer orders” had been processed, the delivery date would need to be pushed back further. US buyers must now wait until April, while customers in Europe shouldn’t expect the product before May.

Finally, earlier this week, the Mic did become available to buy from the US DJI Store as well as some resellers. But it was surprising to see that an order placed today wouldn’t be delivered before the end of May. Is this DJI’s way of avoiding issuing another “sorry to keep you waiting” notice?

It probably doesn’t need to be said but delays like this are disappointing, especially when making a product available to buy on the launch date has been a major differentiator for DJI. The Mic itself is pretty incredible, offering great quality, portability, and versatility in equal measures. Here’s hoping most will find it worth the wait.

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