DJI Mini 3 Pro unboxing: What do you get inside the box and the Fly More Kit?

Today DJI announced its newest drone, the Mini 3 Pro. DJI also gave us a new buying option, the Fly More Kit. So what is the Fly More Kit, and what is inside the box when you buy a Mini 3 Pro? Check it out below and buy it here.

DJI’s Mini 3 Pro comes in three options

You have three options when ordering the Mini 3 Pro: no controller, RC-N1, or the new DJI RC with a built-in screen. We got both the N1 and RC controllers with our unit, but we’ll show you what it would look like if you got the Mini 3 Pro with the RC controller bundle.

For the drone and controller, the box is pretty simple. Open the lid, and at the top, you will find the Mini 3 Pro itself. Take that out and remove its tray, and you’ll find the brand-new RC controller. With the drone and controller, you will get a set of new propellers, a screwdriver, spare screws, and a USB-C charging cable. If you got the RC-N1 controller, you would also get a little box container with different connectors for your phone.

Both the Mini 3 Pro and RC controller use USB-C to charge, so you won’t need to look far if you need a replacement. That’s it for the drone. Very simple with this new system. The biggest decision you have to make when buying the Mini 3 Pro is just that controller choice. Check out our review of the Mini 3 Pro to see our thoughts on the new RC controller before you buy.

What is a Fly More Kit and what is in it?

What DJI did here is pretty nice. Instead of only allowing you to bundle the extra accessories and carrying case with the drone, they made it separate. Giving you a choice to buy the drone first, make sure you like it, then invest the extra money in the Fly More Kit while also locking in that bundle discount. Below is a list of items included in DJI’s Fly More Kit:

  • Carrying case
  • Two sets of spare propellers
  • Two spare batteries
  • Charging case
  • USB-A to USB-C cord

Difference between Fly More Kit and Fly More Kit Plus

The Mini 3 Pro has two options for Fly More Kits, the standard and the plus version. The only difference is the battery. The plus battery has a larger capacity, allowing the Mini 3 to have flight times up to 47 minutes. The downside is that the plus batteries push the Mini 3 over the 250-gram weight limit, forcing you to register it with most aviation authorities. You can tell the difference quickly between the two types of batteries by the standard battery having the “ultralight | 249g” marking.

DJI’s new battery charger for the Mini 3 is amazing. It is leaps and bounds better than the Mavic Mini and Mini 2’s options, even better than what you get with the Air 2S. However, it still only charges one battery at a time. So if you are someone who needs simultaneously charging batteries, third-party solutions will be the way to go when they are available.

DJI’s carrying case for the Mini 3 is also very nice. Very similar to what the Air 2S got, except there isn’t a dedicated drone slot. There is a slot obviously meant for the drone, but there’s no foam insert or strap, unlike the Air 2S or Autel’s Lite and Nano cases, to keep the drone secure. Nonetheless, the drone fits nicely and doesn’t move that much.

You can easily fit the drone, one controller, and the charger into the main part of the case. The spare propellers, screwdriver, and cords fit perfectly in the zipper pouch under the lid. You could probably fit two to three more batteries in the case, but if you have a second controller, you won’t be finding space in there to put it.

Personally, I like the move to Fly More Kits over combos only available with the drone. It allows for more flexible purchasing options. The standard Fly More Kit retails for $189, and the Mini 3 Pro Fly More Kit Plus is $249. These kits on the drone itself are available to purchase at DJI’s website.

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