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Two 'DJI Mini 3' stories

December 2021

The possible successor to DJI’s Mini 2 has yet to be announced, but rumors have started. It would be a no-brainer to build on the success of the entry-level camera drone that skirts past some North American regulations by being less than 250 grams. However, what the drone we are calling the Mini 3 will have feature-wise is up for grabs.

Mini 3 rumors begin

In December of 2021, the first signs of a DJI Mini 3 began when leaker DealsDrone shared a timeline of 2022 products from DJI. On it was a Mini 3.

The leak puts the announcement somewhere in April 2022. No features or specs were mentioned, leaving that up to our imagination. The rumor came alongside the mention of a new FPV Mini, which could be a standalone product. However, since the leaker is less sure about the FPV Mini, it could also mean FPV support will come to DJI’s Mini 3.

First specs rumored

Later the same month, rumors began when notable leaker OsitaLV shared a sketch of the Mini 3. The sketch featured possible specs and design changes we will see if the Mini is announced in 2022. Here is what OsitaLV has to say about the Mini 3:

  • New aerodynamic deisng
  • Carbon fiber skeloton
  • Downward slanted arms
  • Larger propollers
  • Longer flight time
  • Flight controller, ISPs, codec, and neural engine on a single chip
  • Larger camera sensor
  • Forward, backward, and downward obstical sensors
  • USB-C and MicroSD
  • Extended batter (overall flight time increase)
  • Under 249 grams

If these rumors are true, the Mini 3 looks like a very capable drone for its size. The supposed launch of the Mini 3 is soon, so we should start to hear more leaks or official announcements soon.

Featured Image: OsitaLV