Skydio makes it easier to hand-launch Skydio 2/2+ drones

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Skydio has released a new software update for the Skydio 2/2+ drones. A cool new feature that’s dropping with this update is the ability to hand-launch the drone with just four quick taps on the battery button.

Skydio says that the new update will be released over the course of one week, but iOS users can get it in advance of the notification by visiting the Apple App Store. Here’s more on the new Quick Launch feature that makes it easier to hand-launch a Skydio 2/2+ drone…

Quick Launch allows you to use the battery power button to hand-launch your Skydio 2/2+ so that you do not have to balance the controller in one hand and your drone in the other. To initiate a Quick Launch, select the Device settings menu, then go to the Drone tab and scroll down to Quick Launch to toggle it on.

After this, once you select Fly Now, you will only need to press the battery power button four times to initiate the launch. Release as the propellers begin to spin up by slowly relaxing your grip but keeping your hand still and level. Your Skydio 2/2+ will slide off your palm and take flight. Just make sure to not push or throw the drone up in the air.

What else is new in Skydio software update?

Beacon locking: You can now prevent button interactions on your Skydio Beacon by enabling Lock Beacon Controls. This ensures that unwanted actions, such as an accidental command to stop tracking, are avoided during flight. The feature is especially useful when storing the Beacon in a pocket, backpack, or when attaching to a subject other than yourself. 

User account deletion: Deleting an account permanently is now possible to remove all flight data associated with your Skydio drone. But keep in mind that this action cannot be undone and you will not be able to recover your account data.

KeyFrame improvements: According to Skydio, the maximum speed you can set for a KeyFrame is now 29 mph (13 m/s). Intuitively adjust the speed of your KeyFrame during flight using the roll joystick. In the KeyFrame skill settings menu, you can choose from three modes:

  • Absolute: Roll joystick input directly maps to drone movements. Skydio will stop when the joystick is centered. 
  • Relative: Roll joystick input increases or decreases speed. Skydio will maintain its current speed when the joystick is centered.
  • Off: Roll joystick movement does not affect the speed.

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