DJI Mimo app adds support for iPhone 14, OM 6 gimbal

iphone 14 dji mimo app

Mimo, the all-in-one app that DJI has designed specifically for its Osmo series of cameras and video stabilizers, is ready with another update. Version 1.8.2 of the app adds support for the iPhone 14 series phones as well as the newly-launched OM 6 gimbal.

The previous version (1.8.0) of the app was released as recently as last week when DJI launched the $329 Action 3 camera. But with the tech giant unveiling another handheld product today, an update for the app was expected. The new version, though, makes the Mimo app compatible with not only the OM 6 smartphone stabilizer, but also the new iPhone 14 series models.

Interestingly, OM 6 comes with a new Quick Launch feature, which is available exclusively for iPhones. Once unfolded, attaching an iPhone to the stabilizer automatically alerts the DJI Mimo app to enter the camera view. This means your preparation time is dramatically reduced, and you have the gimbal up and running three times quicker than previous OM models.

OM 6 users can also benefit from Mimo’s ShotGuides feature that automatically recognizes the scenario and recommends a shot sequence, along with a tutorial on how to achieve it.

The new gimbal is available to buy now from DJI’s online store for $159 and includes a magnetic clamp, tripod, power cable, and storage pouch. You can also pre-order OM 6 from Amazon.

In the meantime, another significant feature that comes to Mimo with version 1.8.2 is support for editing single clips, as well as allowing users to add stabilization in post-editing.

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