Chargie gives you more drone flight time by preventing its battery’s premature aging

Chargie is a device that prolongs phone and drone batteries’ lifespan by cutting off battery charging before it’s completely full.  It was invented and developed by a guy who one autumn afternoon almost lost his flight home because of a misbehaving phone battery. The device now has over 25,000 customers worldwide, is at its 4th generation and has been protecting lithium ion batteries since 2019.

One of drone owners’ biggest expenses (second only to propellers) are batteries. In such gadgets, they live a hard life due to the high power consumption and heat involved during the flight. They’re also damaged by prolonged exposure to high voltage. In other words, most people just forget them plugged in and charged to 100% and they stay topped up like that for maybe days or even weeks.

If you know anything about electric cars, you probably heard that keeping batteries at 100% for a long time reduces their lifespan by a lot, which in the drone realm could translate into the nightmare of sudden battery drop and forced landings somewhere remote. 

Chargie for drones?

Made initially for phones, Chargie is, basically, a gem gadget that controls the charging level of any battery, to greatly prolong its lifespan. Drones are a perfect fit, no matter the make.

How do I hook it up?

Chargie is small enough that can go everywhere with you. Just place it between the power bank or charger and the USB cord of your drone. You won’t have to worry about complex wiring operations, everything is dead simple. For phones, you need the app to be active, but for drones you only need to set a threshold level in the app. It will get saved onto the physical Chargie device and be remember anytime after that.

Forget your drone is charging

With its own app and Bluetooth as a way of connection to your phone, Chargie lets you take control of prolonged charging processes, by setting the desired charging level through its Hardware Limiter function embedded right into the firmware, so you won’t necessarily need the app after the first power threshold configuration.

You’ll have peace of mind and will be able to leave your drone charge for as long as you wish, because it will just stop at some 80%-90% or any other charging level you desire.

Chargie does power profiling on your drone

The Chargie app’s external battery profiling measures the charging curve of a battery (watts, watthours and time) throughout the charging cycle. You can then select a power threshold under which the Chargie device, independently of its app, will automatically cut off the energy going to your drone battery. It will also wait for a configurable amount of time until re-applying power to make new measurements. Charging like this will just become second nature after a while.

Where can you get it from?

You can order Chargie online at a fair price starting $36.99 for Chargie A Gold Edition and $1 more for the Chargie C Basic, which also limits power to some 8W, for the purpose of not heating the battery unnecessarily. There will also be a Chargie C for Laptops in the very near future.

Use the coupon code “dronedj22” for a generous 10% discount on the price (time limited, so hurry up!). Read more about it on the official Chargie website.

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