This NDAA-compliant indoor tactical drone is coming to US in 2023

NDAA-compliant indoor drone

It is small, ruggedized, and capable of flying and seeing in complete darkness. And now, it has been redesigned and resourced, so that its sensitive Chinese components could be replaced with European and American parts. Belgium-based manufacturer Sky-Hero says LOKI Mk2US has now become the world’s first NDAA-compliant indoor tactical drone solution.

Purpose-built for close-quarter indoor tactical scouting missions, the 9.6-inch wide LOKI Mk2US can place a microphone and a camera practically anywhere to collect critical life-saving intelligence. The drone’s highly sensitive Day-Night + IR sensor camera brings the ability to fly and see in complete darkness, while complex algorithms leverage computer vision to lend the aircraft a GPS-like position hold.

The design of LOKI Mk2US supports rapid deployment, allowing for both hand-thrown take-off and a precise assisted landing. It is optimized for several indoor operations with smart modes including Floor (rover style) and Turtle (directional flip).

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Sky-Hero says the now NDAA-compliant indoor drone solution comes field-proven through thousands of deployments by tactical teams in many parts of the world. And that the recent changes before formally introducing the drone to the North American market also come at user request.

Here’s Yves Coppye, CEO of Sky-Hero:

We have been asked by many of our top users worldwide to ensure that all major components are built by NATO countries. After two years of work, we are pleased to announce that we have reengineered and redesigned these components and located American or European sources for them.

The LOKI Mk2US will begin shipping in North America in Q1 of 2023. It will be sold in the region by California-based AARDVARK. Jon Becker, AARDVARK’s CEO, says:

We are extremely excited to see Sky-Hero release an NDAA-compliant version of LOKI. While there are a number of products on the market that claim to be American, in reality, the large majority of drones are simply built with Chinese-made parts and at best assembled in the US. LOKI Mk2US has always been made by NATO allies and now every NDAA-covered component will be too.

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