Impressive piloting captures drone video inside CBC’s election-night news studios

drone video pilot

When the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) TV network kicked off its live coverage of the nation’s hard-fought parliamentary election results this week, viewers on either side of the political aisle knew they’d be in for some gripping moments before the night was over. Little did they suspect the tension and awe would begin from the outset, with a masterful drone video piloting them through some pretty tight spaces in the CBC’s editorial center.

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Flyability’s new Elios 2 RAD indoor drone maps radiation risk

Confined space inspection specialist Flyability has announced the release of Elios 2 RAD – a radiation sensor-equipped drone, developed especially for nuclear station inspections.

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New disinfecting drone fights COVID-19 with ultraviolet light

We’ve recently seen several cities and countries use drones to spray liquid disinfectant on outdoor spaces. It’s a fast and economical way to destroy the virus that causes COVID-19. But what about inside buildings, where liquid would make a mess and damage property? A new disinfectant drone uses ultraviolet light to kill the virus as it flies autonomously within buildings.

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