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This NDAA-compliant indoor tactical drone is coming to US in 2023

NDAA-compliant indoor drone

It is small, ruggedized, and capable of flying and seeing in complete darkness. And now, it has been redesigned and resourced, so that its sensitive Chinese components could be replaced with European and American parts. Belgium-based manufacturer Sky-Hero says LOKI Mk2US has now become the world’s first NDAA-compliant indoor tactical drone solution.

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Tando indoor drone gets $15M capital boost to go global

tando indoor drone

Indoor Robotics, an Israeli drone technology startup, has raised $15 million in Series A funding to boost the production of its automated security robot, Tando. The indoor drone, which is already in use at several warehouses, data centers, malls, and retail establishments, can be used for other functions also, such as monitoring temperature and air quality.

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Flybotix indoor drone inspection software can now generate 3D maps

Flybotix indoor drone inspection

Indoor drone inspection solution provider Flybotix has announced a new version of its post-flight analysis software, ASIO Explore. The new and improved ASIO Explore 2.0 introduces a bunch of long-awaited features such as 3D map generation, POI localization, video and 3D map synchronization, real temperature monitoring, and customizable report generation.

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This 550-gram R&D drone can navigate indoors autonomously

modelai seeker drone

ModalAI, a California-based drone and robotics company that spun out of Qualcomm in 2018, has launched a research and development drone that has been specifically designed to accelerate indoor autonomous navigation missions. The 550 g Seeker drone is built on the Blue sUAS framework and is powered by the VOXL CAM perception engine, another new ModalAI product.

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Impressive piloting captures drone video inside CBC’s election-night news studios

drone video pilot

When the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) TV network kicked off its live coverage of the nation’s hard-fought parliamentary election results this week, viewers on either side of the political aisle knew they’d be in for some gripping moments before the night was over. Little did they suspect the tension and awe would begin from the outset, with a masterful drone video piloting them through some pretty tight spaces in the CBC’s editorial center.

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New disinfecting drone fights COVID-19 with ultraviolet light

COVID-19 ultraviolet light disinfecting drone

We’ve recently seen several cities and countries use drones to spray liquid disinfectant on outdoor spaces. It’s a fast and economical way to destroy the virus that causes COVID-19. But what about inside buildings, where liquid would make a mess and damage property? A new disinfectant drone uses ultraviolet light to kill the virus as it flies autonomously within buildings. Expand