Dedrone counter-UAV tech integrates Axis network cameras

Dedrone counter-UAV Axis

Leading smart airspace security company Dedrone is integrating Axis Communication cameras into its counter-UAV command and control platform, adding multi-sensor visual assets to its array of artificial intelligence- and machine learning-enhanced tech.

Dedrone revealed the partnership today, saying the addition of Axis cameras provides its autonomous detect, track, and identify counter-UAV system with what it calls the sector’s first multi-target and multi-sensor capabilities. The announcement was made a day before Dedrone officials are to speak at a leading security and public safety event alongside executives from utility and client Consolidated Edison, which is adopting the camera-reinforced airspace protection system in its northeastern facilities.

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The pairing involves Dedrone integrating Axis pan, tilt, and zoom cameras (PTZ) into the DedroneTracker counter-UAV command and control platform, which continuously and autonomously scans monitored airspaces for potential invasive craft.

By interfacing with the system’s software, those new visual assets will provide wide-area coverage and high-resolution video for analysis by Dedrone’s artificial intelligence- and machine learning-driven sensor-fusion system.

Those images will be fed into the DedroneDNA library, which accurately differentiates between drones and other objects, before identifying the exact model of UAVs present. Once fully informed, platform operators may swiftly determine necessary tracking and mitigation action that may be required, or even neutralization of potential drone threats.

Its new partnership with Axis is one of several recent moves Dedrone has made to further strengthen its counter-UAV offer at a time when the number of drones aloft continues to rise quickly – along with the potential for accidental and intentionally malicious dangers they can pose. 

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It also involves the participation of ConEdison, which has been working to add drone detection and mitigation to its wider range of critical infrastructure security measures – many of which are applicable within New York City’s ban on UAV operation.

“ConEdison demands a high level of intelligence and autonomy to ensure the safety, security and business continuity of our NYC Energy Center,” said Scott Gross, the utility’s facility security officer. “We selected Dedrone because it allows us to integrate our already existing Axis PTZ cameras into DedroneTracker, enabling the PTZs to provide an additional layer of situational awareness for faster drone risk assessment and better payload inspection. Knowing what the drone is, what it’s carrying, and where it is, are all essential to good security strategy. Our successful implementation here in the challenging urban environment of NYC proves the Dedrone and Axis solution can be successful at all our locations throughout the five boroughs and Westchester County.” 

Dedrone chief revenue officer Ben Wenger said he expects the company’s enhanced counter-UAV offer to find a growing number of clients deciding to follow ConEdison’s lead.

“Our partnership with Axis offers a robust, multi-layered airspace security solution for complex urban environments, such as New York City,” Wenger said. “We pride ourselves on the ability of our command and control platform to offer high-quality detect, track, and identify management while easily integrating with best-in-class technology like Axis’ network cameras to give customers the best solution for every scenario.”

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