anti-drone Stories June 26

The Modern Rogue team took a look at the custom 12-gauge shotgun shells filled with a net designed to take down rogue drones flying over a prison. The video shows the solution working – and failing – at the exact same time.

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anti-drone Stories June 4

BlackBerry has partnered with Dedrone in an effort to deliver advanced counter-drone technology to secure the world’s most critical sites. The technology will be integrated into BlackBerry’s AtHoc software allowing for real-time alerts to be sent when unauthorized drones enter an area.

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anti-drone Stories April 14

US Attorney General William Barr issued guidelines today for how federal agencies may monitor and even take out drones that threaten US security. He was acting under the authority of a 2018 Congressional action that allows the Departments of Justice and Homeland security to take anti-drone measures. expand full story

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