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Bruce Crumley is journalist and writer who has worked for Fortune, Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, The Guardian, AFP, and was Paris correspondent and bureau chief for Time magazine specializing in political and terrorism reporting. He splits his time between Paris and Biarritz, and is the author of novel Maika‘i Stink Eye.

New DJI Mini 3 leaks offer product clues, pricing confusion [Update]

DJI Mini 3

There’s no holding a determined drone leaker back – or that would at least seem to be the case following another visual offering of the step-down Mini 3 that DJI is rumored to be developing as a more affordable option to its Mini 3 Pro.

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Archer’s Maker eVTOL prototype makes its first full transition flight

Next-generation aircraft developer Archer passed another milestone in what had already been an eventful year for the company, with its Maker prototype electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft making its first full transition flight this week.

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Skyports inks eVTOL vertiport partnership in Latin America

UK electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft infrastructure specialist Skyports is teaming up with multinational private airport operator Corporación América Airports (CAAP) to develop a network of vertiports across Latin America.

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Leaked DJI Mini 3 images suggest nearing launch of a step-down version of the Pro drone

Hot on the heels of the rollout of its more affordable Mavic 3 Classic last month, DJI looks poised to replicate the same step-down strategy of its drone development with a rumored Mini 3 launch.

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Skypersonic delivers NASA’s remotely flown drone for simulated Mars mission

Remotely piloted drone tech and services company Skypersonic has made delivery of its specially designed and tested hardware and software package to NASA for use in a year-long simulated Mars mission.

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European Union adopts Drone Strategy 2.0 to accelerate UAV use

The European Commission is moving to accelerate the use and diversification of UAV services across the European Union (EU) with the adoption of its Drone Strategy 2.0, which, in addition to tapping into what’s expected to be a vigorous growth area, seeks to reduce the opportunities for malevolent actors to abuse the technology.

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