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French law allowing police drone use ruled (mostly) constitutional

French police drones

French police will again be permitted to use drones for surveillance and certain other law enforcement purposes, the nation’s constitutional authority has ruled, ending the nearly two-year legal ban of that activity on grounds it posed privacy violation risks.

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Overair tests its eVTOL large propeller propulsion prototype

Santa Ana, California, startup Overair is not only aiming to become a global player in electric takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft manufacturing, it also wants to revolutionize the propulsion technologies most advanced air mobility (AAM) companies rely on with what it says is a quieter, more efficient large propeller system.

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UK drone rescuers, and sausage, prevent dog’s probable death

Things looked bleak indeed for Millie, as rising tides began to close in around the remote mudflats on England’s south coast where the lost dog had ended up. Fortunately for the three-year-old Jack Russell-Whippet mix, drone rescuers were nearby and hard at work – and, critically, armed with a sausage that wound up saving the dog.

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Skyports buys London heliport as its future eVTOL air taxi vertiport

UK drone delivery and urban air mobility (UAM) infrastructure company Skyports has used creative ways to secure work from clients to design and develop future electric takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi vertiports. Now it has tried an inside-the-box method it hadn’t before: buying an existing helicopter terminal to repurpose for itself.

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Hamburg port to extend use of diverse autonomous drones

Operators of Hamburg’s port last year took the lead among major European transport and logistics hubs working to integrate autonomous drones and robotic vehicles into their daily activities. Now thye are seeking to extend that through a new partnership with German UAV services company HHLA Sky – a move expected to further expand use of automated aerial, water, and land vehicles across the vast site.

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Abu Dhabi deploys drones in vast mangrove restoration project

The official environmental protection agency of Abu Dhabi has teamed up with international energy company ENGIE in a large project using drones to analyze, prepare for, and carry out the aerial planting of thousands of seeds in the country’s mangrove rehabilitation project.

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