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Bruce Crumley is journalist and writer who has worked for Fortune, Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, The Guardian, AFP, and was Paris correspondent and bureau chief for Time magazine specializing in political and terrorism reporting. He splits his time between Paris and Biarritz, and is the author of novel Maika‘i Stink Eye.

Manna Aero plans US, EU drone delivery expansion

Manna Aero

Ascendant Irish drone delivery company Manna Aero says it plans on expanding what has been gradually wider and effective services in Ireland to far bigger markets, starting with a move to the US expected later this year, and operation across the European Union in 2023.

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United pre-pays eVTOL firm Archer $10 million of $1 billion UAM order

Archer Aviation reported passing another milestone in its efforts to develop electric takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for use in aerial services like air taxis, with the receipt of a $10 million pre-payment from United Airlines as part of its 2021 transaction for 100 urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles.

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Zapata’s JetRacer flying car to be flown by 25 test flight pilot volunteers

Fancy putting a single-seat, fast, highly maneuverable next-generation aircraft through the paces as a pioneering, George Jetson-esque test pilot? Well, step this way, because Zapata will be giving 25 lucky people the chance to fly its JetRacer flying car during US trials it has planned.

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Senate drone infrastructure inspection bill introduced by bipartisan backers

A bipartisan bill has been introduced in the Senate that seeks to create the mechanisms and allot $100 million in funding for the deployment of drones in infrastructure inspections overseen by local, state, and US government entities.

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American Robotics owner Ondas finalizes Airobotics acquisition

Ondas Networks has had finalized agreements to purchase automated UAV systems company Airobotics in a deal that will pair the Israeli firm with American Robotics‘ groundbreaking beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone services to industrial and infrastructure clients.

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DJI Mavic Mini versus hornets video shows drone besting bugs

In another example of the ways drones are being used in rapidly diversifying missions, an amateur pilot has uploaded a video demonstrating his deployment of a DJI Mavic Mini to rid his yard of a hornets’ nest. Though the operation wasn’t quick, clean, or easy, the tech eventually prevailed over pests – ish.

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