CNN Stories January 18

It would be hard to imagine a city more secure this week than Washington. With the National Guard deployed to keep the city safe for the inauguration of soon-to-be President Biden, it’s taken on an almost surreal quality.

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CNN Stories October 20, 2017

CNN has another exclusive as it received the first waiver of its kind from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly drones over crowds. The news network announced on Wednesday that it received approval to fly a Vantage Robotics Snap drone up to 150 feet in the air over crowds and groups of people. Up till Wednesday, this was strictly off-limits, but it seems that the FAA has changed its mind. The safety features of the Snap drone may have played an important role in acquiring the approval as this drone comes with cages over its rotors to prevent injuries.  The drone only weighs 1.37 pounds and recent research has indicated that weight is an important factor in reducing the risk of injury.

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