FAA Stories February 16

A drone may have been involved in a helicopter’s crash landing in South Carolina earlier this week. This would make it the first drone-related aircraft crash in the United States. The incident happened on Wednesday around 2 pm as a student pilot was practicing low-altitude hovering in a remote area, according to Charleston Police Department report. Luckily both the student and the helicopter instructor were uninjured.

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FAA Stories February 13

During the Singapore Airshow last week, a top official of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stated that the regulator is planning to craft rules by this year to make it easier to identify drones and their pilots. The rapid growth of the drone market and the rising number of incidents involving these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) are the main drivers behind the need for increased drone regulation.

To draft the new rules, the FAA is working closely together with other agencies and industry partners, said Carl Burleson, acting deputy administrator of the regulator, during a panel discussion. Adam Welsh, DJI’s head of public policy for Asia-Pacific was on the same panel and also weighed in, pleading for a global set of rules that would save time and could be implemented faster.

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FAA Stories January 12

One million drones have been registered with the FAA as of this week, announced Elaine Chao, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation at CES 2018. This figure includes 878,000 hobbyists. Hobbyist drone pilots receive one registration number for all the drones that they own. Then there are also 122,000 commercial, public, and other drones that are individually registered.

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FAA Stories January 4

The deadline for the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Integration Pilot Program is approaching fast. Lead Applicants have until 2pm EST today to complete their Volumes III, IV, V and VI.

The FAA warns in a tweet that: “You will not be able to continue with the program if you do not meet the deadline.”

Commercial drone operators represent the majority of the interested parties that have submitted their applications to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s UAS Integration Pilot Program.

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Millions of people around the world have received drones for Christmas this Holiday Season. In the UK alone the number of drone users is expected to have doubled after this year’s shopping season. So, can you now charge the batteries and go fly right away or are there some things you should learn before you try out your new toy? Hint: for U.S. drone pilots register your drone.

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FAA Stories December 23, 2017

According to the latest PEW Research Center survey, 8% of Americans say they own a drone and 59% have seen a drone in operation. Just like in the UK, drones are catching on as consumer goods in the US. However, regardless of the unmanned aerial vehicles’ increasing popularity, many Americans have reservations about where and under what circumstances drone operations should be allowed.

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