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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

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Zipline earns FAA BVLOS exemption crucial to unlocking full drone-delivery potential

Zipline FAA BVLOS drone

Leading global instant logistics company Zipline has passed another major milestone in its operational evolution – and in the future scaling of the entire drone delivery sector – by obtaining authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights.

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Flytrex adds Automated Pickup system to speed drone delivery

Flytrex drone delivery

Drone delivery startup Flytrex has announced an upgrade of the method it uses to upload food orders destined for customer households, as part of an effort to reduce processing and transport time and permit the company to continue expanding its aerial business activity.

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Drone Remote ID enforcement delay is ‘discretionary’: What does that mean?

dji mavic 3 enterprise drone remote id firmware update faa delay

The FAA on Wednesday announced it was pushing back the compliance deadline for its drone Remote ID rule by six months, to March 16, 2024. Does that mean the agency is giving a free pass to pilots or that all apparent noncompliance in the meantime will be ignored? Not really. Here’s what is happening…

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The Buzz Podcast Featured Image

The Buzz Podcast: Is Remote ID coming September 16?

This week Yifei and Seth discuss the current unknown status of FAA’s Remote ID rollout. What are our concerns with the current data sharing policy and what changes we think the FAA should make for Remote ID to be safer for all drone pilots to use.

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FAA grants Airobotics drone type certification, UPS Flight Forward and Avionix BVLOS exemptions

FAA drone Aerobatics

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a trio of significant decisions late Wednesday, including issuance of type certification to Ondas Holding unit Airobotics’ Optimus-1EX automated drone platform, in what’s being touted as the “first non-air carrier drone designed for autonomous security and data capture.” 

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Sustainable Skylines to revolutionize banner ad towing with FAA OK to use drones

Sustainable Skylines drones

In a case of disruptive technology promising transformative disruption of disrupting business practices, Florida drone company Sustainable Skylines says it will transform what many beachgoers consider the annoying activity of aerial banner advertising – and, somehow, make it better.

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191-pound drone gets nationwide exemption from FAA to fly BVLOS

phoenix air unmanned bvlos drones faa inspection

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has authorized Phoenix Air Unmanned to operate a Swiss-made drone weighing up to 191.8 pounds beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) for certain types of aerial works. This is the first time a drone of this size has received an exemption for commercial BVLOS operations by the FAA.

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Red Cat Teal 2 drone tech achieve FAA remote ID approval – and then some

Red Cat Teal drones

With enforcement of new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules imposing UAV identification less than a month away, Red Cat Holdings says its Teal 2 defense and security drones have obtained certification as remote ID compliant with an onboard communications system that surpasses minimal requirements.

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NCDOT wins second FAA BVLOS remote drone inspection waiver


The North Carolina Department of Transport (NCDOT) has earned its second Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) waiver to operate routine drone inspection missions in beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) mode, and will use that with craft from docked stations it plans to deploy near construction sites around the state.

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In a first, FAA rescinds DJI drone’s Remote ID compliance status

dji mavic pro platinum drone remote id faa rescind status

Last year, DJI became the first drone manufacturer in the world to submit and earn US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for Remote ID protocol compliance. At the time, as many as seven of its popular drone models secured the FAA nod for adequate compliance with the Remote ID rule. Today, that list is much longer. But now, in another first, DJI has also become the only drone maker to have a previously-approved compliance status rescinded by the FAA.

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FAA-AUVSI host paired drone and AAM forums in August

FAA drones AAM

In an effort to fly two major event kites from the same string – and encourage comingling of aerial activities at their heart – the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) are pairing up to host twinned drone and advanced air mobility (AAM) conferences next month at the same time and venue.

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Lilium adds FAA eVTOL basis of certification approval to earlier EU air taxi spec authorization

Lilium air taxi eVTOL

German electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) manufacturer Lilium announced it has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its proposed basis of air taxi certification, making it what the company says is the first power-lift aircraft developer to obtain that all-clear by both US and European Union regulators.

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Air taxi maker Archer hires FAA top official Billy Nolen as its eVTOL safety chief

Archer FAA eVTOL taxi

Archer Aviation, one of the companies driving the nearing launch of air taxi services, has announced its hiring of former top Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) official Billy Nolen to oversee safety operations in the continued development of its electric vertical takeoff and landing plane (eVTOL).

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Congress tables (yet another) bill affecting drones – this one via FAA BVLOS rule deadlines

drones BVLOS FAA

The US House of Representatives has added to Washington’s flurry of legislative initiatives in recent months surrounding future airline, drone, next-generation aircraft, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) activity, with a new committee proposal that – among many, many other things – sets deadlines for creating new rules on beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations by UAVs.


Surging Zipline activity and glowing reputation lift valuation to $4.2 billion

Zipline drone delivery

Leading instant logistics specialist Zipline isn’t just turning heads with its increasingly innovative drone delivery activity around the globe, but it is now also causing jaws to drop with fundraising effectiveness that has reportedly almost doubled its valuation to $4.2 billion.

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Dedrone expands its role in FAA airport drone detection trials

Dedrone drone detection FAA

Airspace monitoring and security tech company Dedrone is expanding its work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in testing its drone detection and identification systems at an increasing number of airports, where it will also demonstrate its mitigation solutions for invasive craft.

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