Intelligent Flight Modes Stories July 14, 2018

The Mystic drone developed by Airlango is the new Mavic clone on the block but has two eye-catching downward facing motors in the front and one stand out feature that separates it from the pack. Powered by AI, this drone has different intelligent flight modes that allow the Mystic to fly autonomously.

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Intelligent Flight Modes Stories February 1, 2018

On the last day of January, DJI quietly removed Waypoints from the list of available Intelligent Flight Modes for the DJI Mavic Air. This has caused some people to cancel their orders for the newest DJI drone. It seems that DJI is still trying to figure out how to position the Mavic Air in between the Spark and the (upcoming) Mavic Pro (2). Presumingly there has to be a reason for people to upgrade to a more expensive drone and the availability (or lack thereof) of Waypoints may just be enough to move people over to a higher priced device. Losing the Waypoints feature is a shame as it helps you to focus on capturing the shot, while your drone automatically flies a preset flight path.

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