Drone captures moose fighting off a wolf in northern Ontario [video]

DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone captures moose fighting off a wolf in northern Ontario [video] (0)

Dan Nystedt from Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada was flying his drone to capture some beautiful fall scenics in 4K when his eye caught a moose standing in a lake. As Nystedt moved his Phantom 4 Pro in for a closer look at this majestic animal, a wolf comes charging out of the bushes and a battle for life and death ensues. Another example of how drones bring wildlife to life.

A fight in the lake

The moose defends itself from the wolf attacking by kicking out with its gigantic and powerful front legs. At some point however the wolf is able to use its powerful jaws and clasp onto the moose’s right front leg. The moose has trouble kicking wolf in this position and finally, after a few minutes of frantically circling in the water, the moose shakes the wolf loose.

The wolf chases the fleeing moose for several minutes and it seems that the wolf may be able to catch up but then it decides to give up. The moose with its’ strong and tall legs clearly has the advantage in the deeper water and lives another day.

Later on, in the video two wolves are shown running along a rail track. Clearly, the moose would have been in bigger trouble if both wolves had attacked it at once.

Moose vs. wolf fight widely shared online

The video has been viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube within the first six days of posting. Also on Twitter, it has been widely shared after comedian, podcaster and outdoors enthusiast Joe Rogan retweeted it.

More and more people owning and using their drones have led to more of these kinds of sensational wildlife videos being shared with the public. In the YouTube comments most people really appreciated the footage.

This type of drama is happening in the forest every day. We are so lucky that the Internet is helping us to see this, while we sit in our chairs and drink a strawberry shake. Nature is great in HD :-)

While others complained about the choice of music…

Awesome vid, really tired of crappy over dramatic music though


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