Ontario man cited 13 times for flying drones over private property

Ontario drones private property

An Ontario man was cited 13 times late last week after he was allegedly using his drone to fly over private property in a harassing manner from June to August. The 12 citations are equivalent to receiving a speeding fine but could lead to jail time if convicted for one of them.

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Drone captures moose fighting off a wolf in northern Ontario [video]

Dan Nystedt from Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada was flying his drone to capture some beautiful fall scenics in 4K when his eye caught a moose standing in a lake. As Nystedt moved his Phantom 4 Pro in for a closer look at this majestic animal, a wolf comes charging out of the bushes and a battle for life and death ensues. Another example of how drones bring wildlife to life.

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