Canada Stories May 22

Police have discovered a drone with a package containing contraband on the roof of an Ahuntsic elementary school in Montreal, Canada. The unmanned aerial device was found with a package containing marijuana, tobacco, cell phones, SIM cards, lighters and glue. The package was attached to the drone with a cord.

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Canada Stories April 24

In April 2017 a cow and calf moose were illegally shot near Alvena, Saskatchewan in Canada. To assist in the prosecution, Draganfly Innovations, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic were asked to create a 3D map of the conservation-related crime scene. With an Engage Grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the work was started the same month. The team used a fixed-wing drone to create a detailed visual story that would help the prosecution of the illegal moose poacher.

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Canada Stories March 19

Earlier this month Drone Delivery Canada conducted its first drone test flights in the US. The company made the news back in February when it received a compliance certificate from Transport Canada that allows them to fly beyond line-of-sight. the test flights took place at one of the seven FAA-designated UAS Test Sites, Grifiss International Airport.

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Canada Stories February 23


Canadian authorities are looking into a suspected drone collision with a Cessna 172 that caused $4,000 USD in damage. The drone incident occurred near an airport in  British Columbia. During a training flight, the Cessna 172, owned by Abbotsford-based Chinook Helicopters, was making its final approach at Chilliwack Airport when its left wing collided with the suspected unmanned aerial vehicle. The collision “left blue bits on the wing” of the Cessna, according to the flight school owner Cathy Press.

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Canada Stories February 14

Drone deliveries may become a reality sooner than expected now that Drone Delivery Canada Corp. received a compliance certificate from the federal government last week.

The Compliant UAV Operator Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) that the Vaughan-based company received from Transport Canada, allows for beyond “line-of-sight” drone operations, which is crucial in commercial drone deliveries.

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Canada Stories November 20, 2017

Transport Canada granted permission to the company Drone Delivery Canada to start testing drone deliveries in the Northern Canadian Communities of Moose Factory and Moosonee, Ontario. Toronto based Drone Delivery Canada made its first successful flights earlier this month in a partnership with Moose Cree First Nation. The partnership aims to establish a drone delivery service that would bring food, medical supplies and other necessities to the island of Moose Factory in the Moose River.

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