DJI shows Spark with sideways moving gimbal in Happy Holidays video

Very early in November, DJI published a video on YouTube called: “DJI – Happy Holidays From Spark“. Most of the viewers on YouTube seemed to appreciate the Season’s Greetings from DJI, although some said it may have been a little early. One commenter noticed that around the 0:06 mark the video clip showed the camera and gimbal on the Spark moving from left to right (yaw), which is sort of interesting because the camera on the Spark does not, in fact, move sideways at all. It is a 2-axis mechanical gimbal that only allows for pitch and roll movements. All other camera movements involve de drone moving as a whole. This is where the Spark differs from, for instance, the Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Pro drones, that do feature 3-axis gimbals.

Could the next Spark have a 3-axis gimbal?

So what does this mean? Is the sideways (yaw) movement of the camera in the video clip just a way to animate the drone and make it more personable? Or is this a sneak peek and will the Spark 2 actually have a 3-axis camera-gimbal combination that will allow for sideways movement? It would be nice for the next Spark to have a 3-axis gimbal for sure. Just as the addition of 4K video seems to be a necessity. Let us know what you think DJI should add to the Spark 2 in the comments below.

Either way, we too appreciate the early Season’s Greetings from DJI and hope that the new year may bring many more cool DJI drone products!

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