Camera stabilization on the go: DJI RS 3 Mini hands-on and first impressions [Video]

Today, DJI announced their latest gimbal to stabilize your video: the RS 3 Mini. It joins the RS 3 and RS 3 Pro, but enters as a lower-cost and lighter-weight alternative made for use with mirrorless cameras like the Canon R5. I’ve had the RS 3 for a few days now, and I already have a few things that I like and a few that I don’t about DJI’s latest product.

New Gremsy drone gimbal for mapping, surveying can lift up to 9kg

Gremsy, one of the most popular developers of camera gimbal stabilizers for drones, has announced its latest product, the Aevo heavy-lift carbon gimbal. According to the company, Aevo comes with the highest payload capacity ever (9kg) for industrial applications.

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DJI RS3 leaked photo shows gimbal could be ready sooner than expected

The DJI RS3, according to leakers, is the next product we expect the company will release this year. The first photo of DJI’s RS3 has surfaced, showing what looks to be a finished product.

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Canon could be working on DJI Osmo Pro alternative, shows patent

According to a patent, camera giant Canon looks to be working on a new all-in-one gimbal and camera that looks similar to the DJI Osmo Pro released a few years ago. Canon’s design looks to have a large rear screen for viewing and two joystick buttons for control.

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The end of action camera gimbals is now

Over the last few years, stabilization in action cameras has improved to the point of no longer needing gimbals in the majority of cases. Does this mean its the end for consumer gimbals? Let’s take a look to see if the consumer gimbal market is slowly dying.

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DJI’s latest gimbals, two-handed and fully integrated

Along with new drone patents, two new gimbal patents from DJI have been made public. One being a two-handed gimbal and the other being fully integrated. DJI looks to be taking a new approach on the original Osmo line of gimbals.

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