Drones improve towage safety in Rotterdam harbor

Drones will be used by Dutch towage company, Kotug to improve safety and efficiency during their towing operations. The Rotterdam-based company that operates in ports and terminals around the world, will be using drones to fly the messenger line from the tugboat to the assisted vessel. This new approach is a Dutch invention for which a patent has been filed.

Drones will improve safety during towage operations

Previously tugboat captains had to position their boats either right below the bow of the assisted vessel or in the prop wash right behind it to receive the messenger line and establish a towline connection. Kotug, a leading towage company, is looking to apply its new drone approach to their operations in ports and terminals worldwide. Increasing the safety of their crew is the biggest reason for doing this new approach although increased efficiency of their operation is another reason.

“Using a drone to connect the towline to an assisted vessel. This will drastically improve the safety margin of tug operations as this will avoid the need for maneuvering in the so-called danger zone”, according to Kotug a Dutch family business.

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