HMB – while I weaponize this drone with Roman candles

Hold My Beer – while I weaponize this drone with Roman candles! This short video clip is going viral yet again. The original footage was uploaded to YouTube in March of 2015. Today, somebody posted a gif version of the clip on Reddit where it sparked a whole new thread within hours with over 400 comments.

The video shows how a few guys rig a drone with Roman candles and light them up. Two of them run away on to a frozen lake wearing nothing but bathing suits, while the drone pilot chases them and tries to shoot them with the fireworks attached to the drone. Quite accurately, I might add. At one point the drone seems to hit one of the guys while running through the snow. All in all, it is just a bunch of friends having a laugh. Not everybody agreed though, however.

Weaponized drone investigated by Transport Canada

After posting it on YouTube, the video clip went viral and Transport Canada started an investigation. They said in an email to that attaching explosives or pyrotechnics to a drone is “extremely dangerous.” Unmanned aerial vehicles are not allowed to carry “hazardous payloads” with a Special Flight Operating Certificate. However, drones weighing less than 35 kg and being used recreationally do not require the certificate. Transport Canada, however, said that flying drones:

“in a reckless and negligent manner could potentially cause damage, injuries, or fatalities, which can result in lawsuits, fines, and jail time.”

The video was originally uploaded to Andy Stewart’s YouTube channel. Stewart’s other videos have only received a very limited number of views but “Roman Candle Attack Drone 2.0” went viral instantly. By now, almost three years later, the video has garnered over 2.4 million views.

During an interview with CTV Ottawa, Jason Stewart explained that it was surprising how accurate the drone was. He was the one who actually got hit by the fireworks from the drone. He said:

“It’s just duct-taped onto it, you know? It’s not like we practiced trying to shoot Roman candles with drones.”

Transport Canada still didn’t think it was funny at all. Their spokesperson Mélany Gauvin said:

“They are also subject to the Criminal Code as well as provincial, territorial and municipal laws governing areas such as privacy and trespassing, noise levels, and setting off fireworks,”

What do you think about shenanigans like these? Should they be allowed since it is all fun and games or should we take this more seriously and reprimand or even punish people who use a drone in ways for which they were not designed? Let us know in the comments below.

The original “Roman Candle Attack Drone 2.0” video

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