Fireworks Stories January 1, 2018

Happy New Year to all of you! We hope that 2018 may bring you health and happiness to you and yours and… of course lots of drone flying!

Here is how New Year’s Eve is celebrated in the Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As seen from a drone. Captured by Jeremy Smith.

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Fireworks Stories December 30, 2017

Hold My Beer Рwhile I weaponize this drone with Roman candles! This short video clip is going viral yet again. The original footage was uploaded to YouTube in March of 2015. Today, somebody posted a gif version of the clip on Reddit where it sparked a whole new thread within hours with over 400 comments.

The video shows how a few guys rig a drone with Roman candles and light them up. Two of them run away on to a frozen lake wearing nothing but bathing suits, while the drone pilot chases them and tries to shoot them with the fireworks attached to the drone. Quite accurately, I might add. At one point the drone seems to hit one of the guys while running through the snow. All in all, it is just a bunch of friends having a laugh. Not everybody agreed though, however.

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