Our DJI Mavic Air real-life range was only 1.24 miles before we lost the Wi-Fi connection [video]

In cold and somewhat damp weather we tried to achieve the maximum flight distance advertised by DJI. They claim that the DJI Mavic Air should be able to achieve a maximum flight distance (or range) of 2.4 miles. In our real-life test, we did not get further than 1.24 miles. At around 5,500 feet we started losing the Wi-Fi connection. The connection got worse and at 6,500 feet, I decided to turn around.

A real-life range of 1.24 miles. Is that a problem?

We don’t think so. In most situations, a range of more than 1 mile should be sufficient to enjoy flying the drone and taking photos, panoramas, and video footage.

The Mavic Air is targetted at the adventure traveler, but let’s be honest, it will most likely be bought by enthusiast drone pilots who have outgrown smaller drones like the Spark, but who will likely not spend the additional money on a Mavic Pro 2, when announced, let alone a Phantom. Compared to these two drones, the Mavic Air is much more affordable and delivers more than enough photo and video quality to keep almost everybody happy.

So, with that in mind, is 1.24 miles of real-life range an issue? We don’t think so. Especially when you take into account that you should only fly your drone within line-of-sight, according to the FAA rules for drone flying.

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