Did DJI forget about the Spark?

With all the hype around the DJI Mavic Air and the rumors flying around about the upcoming DJI Mavic Pro II and Phantom 5, you would almost forget about the smallest drone in DJI’s product line, the Spark. Will our favorite Spark (review) receive an updated version as well? Are we going to see a Spark 2 anytime soon?

Latest Spark rumors

From the same source who has been correct on many aspects of the DJI Mavic Air, we have learned this morning that DJI may start offering a permanent discount on the DJI Spark and Spark FlyMore Combo. Supposedly a 15% discount will become effective on February 23rd. Often discounts are offered right before a new version of a product is introduced. We have seen the same with discounts on the Mavic Pro and now with the Phantom as well.

The source, OsitaLV, continues with more information on the specs of the Spark 2. Supposedly it will be mostly the same design, with some improvements (more aerodynamic and better airflow for cooling perhaps, similar to what we have seen with the Mavic Air?). An updated camera with 4K @ 30fps (finally!) and 1080p @ 60fps with improved image quality. No RAW unfortunately though.

Wi-Fi will be used for transmission, just like with the Mavic Air. New features such as Asteroid, Boomerang, and improved gesture control will be copied from the Mavic Air. The connection between your smartphone and the remote controller will be through a USB cable instead of wireless, which should make for a better connection. The DJI Spark will also have rear-facing sensors for obstacle avoidance. Pricing is expected to be between $499 USD to $399 USD. The mini-drone will most likely come with internal storage, similar to the Mavic Air.

DroneDJ’s take

Many of the Spark 2’s rumored specs are in line with what we had asked for before. However now the Mavic Air, we think that the Spark will have to be priced very competitively if it wants to be a viable alternative. Previously the pricing gap between the Mavic Pro and the Spark was much greater and therefore the Spark was an attractive option for many aspiring drone pilots. Now with the Mavic Air priced at $799, it seems that the Spark would need to be at the $399 price point to get people interested.

What do you think about a possible Spark 2 drone from DJI? Let us know in the comments below.

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