DJI Spark 2 Stories March 10

There’s a new Tom & Jerry movie out (these days, available on Amazon, Apple and Netflix). And in a sign of the times, it features a scene with a drone.

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DJI Spark 2 Stories August 11, 2019

We recently caught wind of photos of a new DJI drone reported to come out soon. Today we learn of possible specs the DJI Mavic Mini will have, the features it won’t have, and the price we can expect to pay for it.

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DJI Spark 2 Stories August 9, 2019

So just this morning, we learned from our old friend that DJI might, after all, be introducing a new drone this year. Take a look at these photos that show some sort of a DJI Mavic Mini. Could this be the Spark 2 that was supposed to be introduced before the summer or is this a DJI Mavic Air successor? Let’s take a closer look.

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DJI Spark 2 Stories June 21, 2019

DJI Spark out of stock! We already know that the DJI Spark 2 event that was scheduled for July 23rd has been postponed indefinitely. However, we have now learned that for some time the DJI Spark (both red and white editions) has been out of stock on DJI’s official online store. No word on whether this mini-drone will come back in stock at some point in time. The drone was launched in 2017 and has been due for replacement. Will the DJI Spark go the way of the dodo? I mean, the way of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro? I don’t know. What I do know, is that at this point many people are wondering if DJI will release any new drone in 2019 at all.

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DJI Spark 2 Stories June 18, 2019

With all the rumors about the Phantom 5 being canceled, the Phantom 4 out of production and DJI’s scheduled product release of what is rumored NOT to be a drone, people are wondering if we can still expect a new drone from DJI. Well, we have some good news for you. The Chinese drone maker is about to release the DJI Spark 2 drone. The drone is expected to feature some important upgrades compared to the original Spark, that was launched way back in 2017. And, leaked information from DJI insiders tells us that the Spark 2 will be released as soon as July. Keep reading on to learn more about the rumored specs of the Spark 2.

Update 6/18/19: We have received word that the Spark 2 launch that was scheduled for July 23rd has been postponed indefinitely. An industry insider told us that DJI sent out a memo last week stating: “due to a shift in priorities the July 23 event is now on hold until further notice”.Unfortunately, no information was provided explaining the postponement nor was a new date announced. expand full story

DJI Spark 2 Stories July 11, 2018

With DJI releasing new drones every season, Spark owners might be wondering when their drone will get a refresh. Nobody knows what DJI has in the works for the next year, except for their employees obviously, but the likelihood of a new Spark drone coming out in 2018 seems very slim with the current set of drones DJI has for sale. Let me go into further detail to fully explain why I think DJI isn’t focused on bringing a new Spark to the market.

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