DJI and Leica Geosystems team up to develop the new Leica Aibot drone for aerial surveys

DJI Leica Aibot Leica Geosystems partnership

The new Leica Aibot drone promises more accurate and safer aerial surveys. The Drone is based on the Matrice 600 Pro and has been developed together with DJI and Leica Geosystems to provide rapid and autonomous mobile 3D mapping data. Leica Geosystems was formerly known as Wild Heerbrugg and is based in eastern Switzerland. The company produces products and systems for surveying and geographical measurement (geomatics) and shares the Leica brand with three other independent companies among which the more well-known Leica Camera.

The Leica Aibot – faster, more accurate and safer

The new Leica Aibot offers its operators a more user-friendly interface and can complete a data set in less time than with traditional methods. The UAV workflow is fully integrated into the Leica Geosystems systems software solution. The 3D mapping data from the Leica’s Aibot can be combined with existing survey technologies such as TPS, GPS and laser scanning to provide a complete data set on a regular schedule.

“We are very excited to offer our robust and reliable DJI Matrice 600 Pro along with our developer tools to Leica Geosystems to empower survey professionals to get a truly efficient solution workflow with the best results and accuracy.” Said Jan Gasparic, Head of DJI Enterprise Partnerships.

“With constant new ideas, projects and numerous challenges it is crucial for our business to have access to transformative technologies such as the new Leica Aibot, that keep our projects on schedule with the maximum accuracy and precision,” said Martin Schwall, owner and managing director of IngenieurTeam GEO. “We look forward to continue using Leica Geosystems technology and adding Leica Aibot to our portfolio.”

Using a drone with aerial mapping capabilities such as the Leica Aibot, the entire process of planning, designing and construction becomes more straightforward to monitor. Calculations and site progress can be performed faster and with more accuracy.

“The Leica Aibot opens tremendous amounts of opportunity for the next generation and helps the customers to speed up digitization of processes and to automate existing workflows,” says Valentin Fuchs, Leica Geosystems UAV product manager. “It enables customers to run businesses that are more efficient than their predecessors and be more profitable.”

The high definition imagery and 3D mapping provided by the Leica Aibot enable accurate and timely monitoring of the progress made at a construction site, saving time and money at all stages of the project.


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