General manager of Intel’s drone group, Anil Nanduri appointed to NASA’s Advisory Council Aeronautics Committee

General manager of Intel’s drone group Anil Nanduri appointed to NASA's Advisory Council Aeronautics Committee

Since its beginning in 2015, Anil Nanduri has led Intel’s drone group with titles of Vice President and General Manager. Through exploring different commercial applications, Intel has done things like light shows with hundreds of so-called ‘Shooting Star’ drones flying in synchronization as well as advanced aerial surveying with their drone hardware and software applications. As a part of NASA’s Advisory Council Aeronautics Committee, Nanduri will meet regularly with NASA Administrators to offer advice.

What is the NASA Advisory Council Aeronautics Committee

The committee consists of nine different individuals, who come from the best engineering schools in the country and from companies like Boeing, Honeywell, and of course Intel. Together, these men and women gather regularly to share their advice in the field of aerospace technology.

According to NASA, the Advisory Council’s advice:

“spans basic research and technology applicable to all areas of aviation that are under the purview of the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate. These areas include but are not limited to commercial air transportation, advanced air vehicles, aviation safety, and air transportation system technology research, development, and demonstration.”

The members of this committee are appointed for a duration of 2 years and together will work to explore new emerging technologies and eventually implement them into commercial applications.

More on Anil Nanduri

Nanduri has also worked closely with the FAA in the past. More specifically, he dealt with their UAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee in hopes to develop regulations for drone integration into the national airspace system. His expertise in the commercial drone industry gives him the experience needed to help put in place regulations for drone integration and to join NASA’s Advisory Council Aeronautics Committee.


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