Sydney hosts New Year drone shows Melbourne lost to COVID-19

Sydney drone show

Disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused Melbourne’s planned New Year’s Eve drone show to be canceled, but Sydney found a work-around to the complications it encountered to host an Intel orchestrated UAV performance purported to be the largest ever in the southern hemisphere.

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From sub-zero weather to threat of rains, Intel reveals Olympics drone light show challenges

The dancing, dazzling drones may paint a picture of perfection and harmony for the audience time after time. But both the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have been the most challenging of all drone lights shows for Intel, Madeleine Ong, Interim GM of Intel Drone Light Shows, tells DroneDJ.

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Intel and Dollywood’s behind-the-scenes video explains how drone light shows work

Dollywood, one of the best theme parks in the world, is running drone light shows until July 31 as part of its 2021 summer extravaganza. The production of this drone display, which is integrated into a choreographed fireworks show, is said to have cost a half-million dollars. And now, a new video offers a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation that goes into putting together a drone show that’s both stunning and safe, day after day.

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Walmart spreads holiday joy in Phoenix, Arizona, with drones

Walmart and Intel have sent 1,000 drones into the sky over Phoenix to help spread a little Christmas joy after a long, hard year. The show marks the fifth one in a tour the two companies are doing across the U.S., with three remaining.

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Walmart, Intel to light up the sky with holiday drone light shows

Retail giant Walmart has partnered with Intel to bring drone light shows to eight locations around the US after a very tough year. The drone light shows will be holiday-themed and will allow up to five people per car to attend.

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Intel drone chief, Anil Nanduri, predicts flying cars in five years

CNET spoke with Intel Drone Chief, Anil Nanduri about flying cars, flying taxis, and drones at the All About Autonomy 2019 conference. Here are a few of the highlights of the article.