NASA joins California firefighters to see how drones help with wildfires

nasa drones wildfires

Between the Dixie, Caldor, McCash, and Windy fires, Northern California has been witnessing a busy wildfire season. And this time, the firefighters on the ground are being shadowed by a crew from NASA. Their aim? To watch and learn how drones help to battle the blazes from above.

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FAA encourages drone pilots to anonymously submit incidents through its CALLBACK system

The FAA is trying to raise awareness among drone pilots about NASA’s CALLBACK Aviation Safety Reporting system, which allows drone pilots (and others) to anonymously submit safety-related incidents. The database also allows you to view other submitted incidents, hopefully allowing readers to learn from the mistakes of others.

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BVLOS drone test flight corridors are coming to Virginia

A new agreement between NASA and aviation services company, The Longbow Group, is expected to result in the establishment of beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) flight corridors for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) drone flight tests in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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NASA partners with 5 US states on drone delivery, air taxis

What is the best way for a local government to integrate cargo delivery drones and passenger air taxi services into its existing civic transportation infrastructure? In the United States, five local and state governments will soon find out, with help from NASA.

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Ingenuity successfully flies for the fourth time and receives an extension of flight program

Earlier this morning Ingenuity took off for the fourth and most daring flight of its campaign. It took several hours for flight data to be received by the JPL team but all signs look that it was a successful flight.

[Update: New flight time announced] NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter considered a full success, no fourth flight to celebrate with though

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter has wowed us from Earth with its first flights over the Red Planet. After just 3 flights the tech demo has completed all of its test objectives and will now push the envelope for what it can do.