DJI official announcement of their rescheduled “See the Bigger Picture” event.

DJI official announcement of their rescheduled "See the Bigger Picture" event.

Today, we received an email from DJI with the ‘official invite’ to their ‘See the Bigger Picture’ event that is now scheduled for August 23rd at 10 am EST in New York. Readers of DroneDJ already knew this as the event was announced about a week ago, but for good measure here is it again with officially updated graphics.

DJI’s ‘official invite’

The original event was scheduled for July 18th and that had been postponed because of the product not living up to DJI’s standards, citing user experience and standard of innovation factors as the main reasons for the delay. Exact details about the postponement have not been explained by DJI, even though many rumors have circulated online.

The now ‘official’ announcement comes with updated graphics that reflect the new date. It is widely expected that DJI will announce the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom models that previously showed up in the Argos catalog. The specs are really good for both drones and it may be hard for many drone enthusiasts to choose between the 1” inch sensor Hasselblad Pro version or the 24-48mm Zoom version. Personally, I think I will opt for the 1” inch sensor but I’m curious to learn about the pricing for both models.

Nine more days until the event. DroneDJ will be there and we will update our blog throughout the day to keep you up to date. So, stay tuned!


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